15 May 2018

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Be a Super Homeowner with the Help of Casey Trees

Photo and graphic courtesy of Casey Trees

Hey D.C. Homeowners! You can become an air-purifying, stormwater-mitigating, urban-heat-island-cooling, super homeowner by planting trees on your property through one of Casey TreesResidential Planting Programs.

Spring is here, summer’s right around the corner – it’s time to create some shade in your yard.  You’ll feel good about being an environmental steward to your city, and you’ll help the District reach its goal of 40% canopy coverage by 2032.  (Not to mention the other notable benefits to you as a homeowner: utility energy savings, increased property value, aesthetic enhancement of your home landscape and the landscape of your street and neighborhood – the list goes on and on.)

You’ve got some options: First is the ‘’all inclusive’’ RiverSmart Homes Program, where you will receive a free on-site consultation by one of our certified arborists, followed by a professional planting by our team for a copayment of $50 per tree – up to a $350 savings per tree!  We also offer a Tree Rebate Program for the poised do-it-yourselfer, where trees that you purchase and plant yourself can qualify for up to a $50 rebate on most species, and up to $100 rebate on select large canopy species.

Visit our website now to become that super homeowner we know you can be.

Casey Trees is a D.C.-based nonprofit committed to restoring, enhancing, and protecting the tree canopy of the nation’s capital.  To learn more about Casey Trees, visit caseytrees.org.

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