03 May 2018


RFK Redevelopment Meeting: Recap

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Events DC hosted an RFK Campus Redevelopment meeting with neighbors on Monday, April 30 at St. Coletta of Greater Washington.

Greg O’Dell, Events DC President, shared updates with the community on the proposed soccer fields. Events DC is working with the city to attain the proper permits.  One such permit concerns the environment. Mr. O’Dell was asked several questions about how Events DC will be removing the current ground cover. Additionally, neighbors wanted to know the transportation route that would used to remove the ground cover material. Mr. O’Dell assured residents that Events DC will comply with local and federal environmental rules and policies.  He also promised to share the environment impact statement with neighbors.

Several attendees questioned why the Events DC RFK redevelopment plan did not address the needs of seniors.

Erik Moses, Events DC Senior Vice President, briefed neighbors on the plan to install a go-kart facility on Lot 8. This plan was met with a lot of skepticism. ANC Commissioner Dan Ridge wondered why a gasoline-burning enterprise will be placed next to the Anacostia River.  Other neighbors questioned the otherwise lack of permanent bathrooms, food, and amenities that will be offered to go-kart drivers.

Mr. Moses fielded several questions about the lack of parking enforcement during last Saturday’s Broccoli City Festival. Hundreds of festival attendees illegally parked on Hill East streets, making it impossible for residents to find parking on the streets near their homes. Alleys were blocked and parking enforcement officials were nowhere to be found.

Commissioner Krepp shared that a police car was stationed next to her house after she requested assistance in moving two illegally parked cars.  The drivers of the illegally parked cars became upset with her and it was a tense situation.  She was not the only Hill East resident who faced verbal abuse when attempting to ask the drivers of illegally parked cars to move their vehicles.

As a result of these numerous conversations, Commissioner Krepp requested Mr. Moses’ assistance in setting up a meeting with the Director of Public Works to ensure that parking enforcement officials are on site prior to Events DC sponsored events at RFK with attendees over 10,000.  The meeting will occur this month.

A Hill East neighbor who prefers to remain anonymous shared this recap with us.


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