10 Apr 2018


Hill Buzz

Flipper Grey and other urban curiosities. Photo by Bryan Rodda via #thehillishome on Instagram

Amid all the new housing, some members of the community still struggle to find a place to live thanks to discriminatory practices. Street Sense

Our neighbors do amazing things. Congrats to  Barkly! WTOP

Want to work at Maketto, Paper Horse or Brothers and Sisters? Frozen Tropics has the details for you

The Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy center expands east. Pun not intended. Pregnancy Help News

Correlation does not imply causation, but maybe we should study Andy Shallal and see what his effect is on other things– just in case he is somehow magical. Washington City Paper

Meet the African-American candidates to public offices in the District of Columbia. Afro

James Butler, one of the candidates in the above write-up and a Ward 5 ANC commissioner does not seem to have the public’s best interest at heart. Older post but great investigation and a must-read by Frozen Tropics

Vegetarian lovers rejoice: The Pug’s fried cauliflower buns are here to delight your tastebuds. Washington City Paper

A compilation of strip malls around the District that could use some underground parking. Hmm.. Let’s just say there are some bigger, uglier parking lots that could use a revamp as well *cough* Senate parking *cough* Capitol Police* cough *House parking* cough. Bisnow

…Which is why it was delightful to run into this piece, which talks about one of those very spots. Streetsblog USA

Speaking of traffic decisions and headaches, in case you haven’t been to a Nationals game yet, you may be in for a few surprises. WTOP #OnePursuit #OneParkingSpot?

Enjoying all your snaps of the Scott Pruitt wheat paste that descended upon the Hill this weekend. This shot by our friends at Bailiwick was particularly awesome. But… why are people not paying attention to the two other wheat paste posters talking about human rights violations? @TheMadameMeow (yes, sorry, I’m quoting myself)


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