31 Mar 2018

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Capitol Learning Academy: Coming Soon to Capitol Hill

Photo courtesy of Capitol Learning Academy

There’s a new kid on the block in Eastern Market! Well, a few of them, really.

Capitol Learning Academy is a new, affordable, private elementary school that is opening its doors this fall in the Eastern Market area of Capitol Hill.

The founder of the school, Alex Roosenburg, is an experienced classroom teacher, technology coordinator, and assistant principal, who left her job two years ago in order to fully pursue her belief and dream that there was a better way to prepare students for the future, and that in order to do so we need to completely reimagine our idea of what school is and how it functions.

Capitol Learning Academy intends to prepare and teach students to effectively utilize resources, tools and relationships in order to succeed as world citizens in an unpredictable future.

What does that mean?

It means that the curriculum will have a large focus on what are known as “soft” skills: group work, flexibility, time management, perspective giving/taking, cooperation, leadership, and other such skills that will adapt to any job or technology in the future and help students to achieve success as they navigate the specific content and skills needed for each career field that they pursue. Students won’t just work in groups without any curricular content, and the days won’t be entirely devoid of instruction from an adult, but the model is very student-driven (following their interests and questions) and student-centered (every child is learning along their own continuums and outcomes, setting their academic and personal goals weekly and daily with adult consultation, and reflecting on them as well). Students will learn foundational skills such as math, reading and writing, at times on computers, at times independently, and sometimes in small groups with adult facilitation. They will then add these skills to other content learning through problem-based learning tasks: working in small groups to answer the big question of the day, and deciding what they want to research, what to do with the information they find, and how they will share that with the rest of their group. (An example question might be: “How deep would we have to go in the ocean before there would be an absence of life?” which is open to many interpretations and research directions, depending on the students’ interests and group discussions.)

Beyond the unique curriculum and model for learning, Capitol Learning Academy strives to be an affordable private school option to a large portion of the DC population. They are able to realize this goal by offering an indexed tuition model, which calculates a unique tuition amount for every family that applies, based on that family’s annual reported household income. Tuition amounts can range between $2,000/year up to $20,000/year per family, but Capitol Learning Academy requires that all enrolled families contribute an investment in their child’s education, and ensures that the amount per family is proportionate to their means.

Admissions are now open, on a rolling basis, for the inaugural 2018-19 school year for students aged 6 to 9 years old, and space is limited!

Parent information sessions are held regularly, and an open house will be offered soon. (Location is still under final negotiations).

Check the website for more information on these and other details about the school www.CapitolLearningAcademy.org.


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