05 Feb 2018

Volunteering & Giving:

Join Serve Your CIty’s Black History Challenge!

Photo courtesy of Serve Your City

Social Media Friends and Family,

Join the 50 days of Black History Challenge to recognize the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. Post a short biography of a notable African American or significant historical event impacting the lives of African Americans on Serve Your City’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ServeYourCityDC/. On March 19th, your posts will be copied and printed to share with DC youth participating in programs facilitated by Serve Your City Jan’s Tutoring HouseCapitol Hill Arts Workshop, and Emergence Community Arts Collective.

Why is this important? To know one another is the secret to loving and respecting each other, and given the challenging times we’re all in dire need of this lesson.

Share as many stories as you want as often as you want but please share a story! If someone posts a story that you were planning to post, share it anyway and highlight why that particular person or event resonates with you. Black History belongs to all of us. I’m excited to learn more about our story but more importantly, the youth I serve would benefit from a grassroots collection of stories from you, their loving community elders. That was a nice way to say, “Do It for the Kids!”

Maurice Cook is the executive director of Serve Your City, a non-profit that seeks to utilize the talents and passion of this growing community to help break the cycle of poverty that affects many vulnerable students throughout the D.C. area.

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