14 Sep 2017


JRINK is Coming to Capitol Hill! (Are We Officially Cool?)

Shizu Okusa in front of the 14th Street JRINK mural, 9/8/17. Portrait by Maria Helena Carey

JRINK, provider of delicious and rainbow-colored cold-pressed juices for the past four years, is one of the tenants coming to the Hine complex and we couldn’t be more excited. I recently chatted with Shizu Okusa, one of JRINK’s two founders. We talked about the inspiration behind the brand and how excited Okusa is to expand her operation into Capitol Hill.

It’s mutual. Ever since JRINK started sharing their wholesome juices with the public out of their first location in Dupont circle, I have enjoyed both the benefits of getting major liquid nutrition and of reusing their cool glass containers in all sorts of ways. (Pro tip: They are great to keep parsley and cilantro fresh in the fridge.) Okusa, who until four years ago was working at the World Bank in finance, told me about feeling like she wanted to do something better and more nurturing for herself and others, no matter what shape it took.

After talking it over with partner Jennifer Ngai, they found “an underserved market for healthy products.” She and her partner found that they weren’t the only ones craving nutrients on the go, or wanting to engage in active self-care despite leading a busy life. The rest is cold-pressed history: Now, four years later, JRINK shops have popped up on 14th Street, Clarendon and Foggy Bottom –some of the coolest and most densely populated parts of town.

As JRINK moves east and introduces itself to a slightly… (older? less millennial? less hip?) different demographic, Okusa is excited but cautious. “We are definitely getting out of our comfort zone… [and] we want to spread awareness of balance and self-care.” With Capitol Hill’s well-established and, dare we say it, legendary mom (AND DAD!) population, I’m pretty sure JRINK will find new converts on the Hill. Okusa pointed out that Capitol Hill already an active delivery clientele, but she’s looking forward to having the brand’s newest bricks-and-mortar provide an additional experience for new and returning customers alike.

JRINK’s sixth location, opening in the fall at 750 C Street SE, is a small but packs a punch– much like the juices it will soon sell. The 470 square-foot storefront will have limited indoor seating. There, they will carry their online catalog –from my always favorite Black Magic to my new favorite Sweeten Me Up.

The menu will also feature smoothies, smoothie bowls and other made-to-order foods including lattes and other coffee drinks. You will also be able to find juices in smaller sizes here. The 4 for $24 deal will allow people to give flavors a spin or just enjoy taking a variety pack of hydration and goodness on their way to work.  Okusa is aware that some customers may balk at the price for this “liquid nutrition” – a typical 18oz juice runs around $9 a bottle– but she stands by the top-grade ingredients that go into the juices, some of which happen to be very expensive.

When you read what burdock root or E3 live blue-green algae can do for your body –from added nutrition to purported healing attributes– it is at least intriguing. Hey–if it can take the edge off your all-nighter with a toothing baby, it’s probably worth a shot.

WHAT: JRINK juicery’s newest store, their sixth

WHEN: This Fall!

WHERE: The Hine Development, 750 C Street SE

WHY: Because self-care can mean getting some fresh vitamins and taking time to hydrate well. Plus, cool vase!





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