02 Aug 2017

Living on the Hill:

Living on the Hill: Parking

Whether you are new to the Hill or simply trying to remember what resources are available to you, we are here to help! Please enjoy and share our Living on the Hill guides, intended to help you find everything you need while visiting or living on Capitol Hill. We love to be a resource to our neighbors, so please send us a note through social media or to info@thehillishome.com if you have suggestions for additional guides.

Not Everything's Free in America's Front Yard

Photo by María Helena Carey

Metered Parking

Metered parking costs $2.30 an hour citywide and requires payment by coins, at the kiosk or by cell phone through Parkmobile. If you come across a broken parking meter, please notify DDOT by calling the Mayor’s Citywide Call Center at 311.

Resident Parking Permits 

Residential Parking Permits (RPPs) are available for residents of participating blocks. These permits are $35 per year and exempt holders from the two-hour neighborhood parking limit and parking meters (with the exception of commercial areas such as Barracks Row) in the neighborhood. You may request a RPP sticker by mailing an application or stopping by the DMV.

If you do not have DC vehicle registration for your car, you may get a permit by providing additional proof of residency and documentation such as a utility bill or a notarized lease. Residential Parking Permits are generally enforced Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 9:30 pm. If you would like different enforcement hours on your individual block, you may submit a petition to the Department of Transportation. However, 51 percent of the residents on the block must sign and the ANC must approve of the change.

Visitor Parking Permits

Have visitors coming to town? Get a temporary parking permit for visitors from the First District police substation at 500 E St. SE. These are good for 15 days and you can renew them once. These permits can also be used for repair or contract workers and visiting nurses, though a doctor’s notice is required. If you live around the stadium (south of Pennsylvania Ave, between 9th St SE and 9th St SW), you will be mailed a visitor’s pass so your guests can park on the street during parking permit enforcement hours.

Parking Lots

In addition to metered parking, pay-per-hour parking lots (rates vary) located on Capitol Hill:

  • Hine Jr High Parking Lot: 335 8th Street SE
  • Under the Bridge at 8th & I St SE
  • Lot 660, by Sizzling Express on 600 block of Pennsylvania Ave SE, North side, run by Colonial Parking

And there are lots in the Navy Yard/Capitol Riverfront Area (subject to change due to the ongoing construction in the area)

  • 100 M Street SE
  • 1015 Half Street SE
  • 1323 South Capitol Street SE
  • 1620 South Capitol Street SE
  • 1880 2nd Street SW
  • 25 M Street SW
  • 300 M Street SE
  • 55 M Street SE
  • 80 M Street SE
  • 950 Half Street SE
  • Capitol Skyline Hotel at 10 I Street SW
  • Federal Gateway I at 1100 New Jersey Avenue SE
  • 10 R Street SW
  • Maritime Plaza I & II at 1201 M Street SE

Parking garages in the District are privately owned and, therefore, not managed by DDOT. Most offer both daily and monthly parking. The following tools can be helpful in finding parking around the neighborhood:

  • Parking Panda: Select the space that works for you, and pay for your space on the website or directly from your mobile phone.
  • Parkwhiz: Find and book the best available parking at a discounted rate.
  • SpotHero: Compare discounted parking rates and reserve guaranteed parking all over the city.

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