05 Jul 2017

Things We Take For Granted:

Barracks Row Parade Pictures

The Payne Wildcats waiting to march. Photo via Instagram.

What’s even better than seeing the Capitol Hill Fourth of July Parade? Checking out all the photos, of course!

We had a ball sharing and tagging people yesterday on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We shared many of your photos on those platforms with the hashtag #CapHillParade17. If you want to check it out, click these links:

Facebook Round-Up   Twitter Round-Up  Instagram Round-up 

The parade organizers also put together a great album of photos. Check those out by clicking here and feel free to tag yourself: Facebook Album

A happy selfie. Photo by @ravlott, via Instagram.

We say it every year: There is nothing better than kicking off your Fourth of July festivities with a hometown parade. Whether you march or watch from the sidelines, the Capitol Hill Parade combines several elements to make it amazing.


  1. History: Knowing that it was a Capitol Hill mom who started this parade gives us all a “Six Degrees of Separation” type of involvement with the parade. It is from us, for us.
  2. Music: Not to brag, but having the Marine Corps Band leading our parade is kind of a big deal.
  3. People marching: You probably know half of the people marching. New to the Hill? Don’t worry: By next year, you’ll be marching or knowing a lot of the faces in the crowd. It happens.
  4. Distance: Clocking it at 0.4 miles, even the wobbliest walkers can march this parade route. If you are watching, you can see most of the people marching and be done very quickly. This is especially important if things such as an 11 a.m. Nats game are happening. Or, you know, day-drinking and hot-dog-eating. There are priorities.
  5. Variety: Parents and babies walk with gardeners and dog-lovers and seniors and Bolivian dancers and kids who do all manner of sports and in between we have our amazing Men In Blue and the Mayor and our Councilmember and our of our At-Large Councilmembers… and everyone shops in different places for some sweet swag. Granted, some of us could use pitching lessons on how best to toss the aforementioned swag. Maybe Capitol Hill Little League can lend a hand?
  6. Convenience: We already talked about the fact that, as far as walks go, this one is a pretty short one. As if that weren’t enough of a gimme, once the parade is done, we can all go have brunch at one of the many amazing restaurants in the area.

Happy Fifth of July, everyone! Hope this return to reality hasn’t been too harsh. Maybe tonight you should relax with some parade candy and a reading of the Declaration of Independence. I believe NPR can hook you up with some sweet audio.



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