29 Jun 2017


Pet Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

Lara Walker is the owner of TwoTails DC, a boutique dog-walking service. Check out their gorgeous Instagram feed for more information.

Photo courtesy TwoTails DC/Lara Walker

Following is my annual reminder that more pets get lost on the 4th of July than any other day in the US. July 5th is the busiest day for animal shelters.

For your pet’s safety, please keep them safe inside with relaxing music or ambient noise.

Fireworks terrify many pets, dogs and cats: Create a safe haven for your pets in a sheltered, escape-proof part of your home w/ plenty of water. Turn on soothing music or ambient noise to help mask the fireworks with familiar sounds. The TV is another option, although it’s not ideal if the programming becomes loud or violent, or news programs replay fireworks displays.

If you have a ThunderShirt for your dog, this is the ideal day to use it! (If your dog has thunderstorm, fireworks, or other noise related anxieties and you have questions about the ThunderShirt, let me know. Contact info above.)

Trumpets, drums, sirens, prop guns, canons, fireworks, poppers… All these loud sounds can terrify your pets. If you’re thinking of taking your dog to a parade this weekend, please think twice. But if you must, please:
Bring lots of water and make sure it’s not too hot and humid (your dog would be happier at home in AC)
Be sure to keep your dog on a secure lead with a well fitting collar or a slip-proof harness.
Make sure your dog’s ID tags and online chip info and photo are up to date.
Even the calmest and most well-behaved dog can be startled and bolt if surprised by a loud noise. It only takes a second for something to go horribly wrong, so best to be prepared to keep your fur babies safe.

Happy 4th!
All my best,


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  1. Ruthcarol Touhey says:

    Great advice! Thanks!

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