02 Apr 2017

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All good Cinderella stories must come to an end sometime, and it’s no different with the one we witnessed in this year’s edition of #BARMADNESS. This year, a new addition to our restaurant, tavern and libation-providing line-up captured the hearts and the votes of all of you out there, only to be felled by a neighborhood giant. Joselito’s chapter closed out with a bang in this latest round of voting, when they lost by a staggering almost 300-vote difference (!?!?!) to our first-year winner, the pug. Congratulations to Joselito, and we look forward to seeing you take the contest by storm next year!

Who will the pug go up against? Well, well, well, if it isn’t LAST YEAR’S WINNER, Union Pub! The Union Pub-Barrel match, while exciting, was a close one. Union Pub edged out its sister for a second year in a row. This leaves us with a match-up made in HIGH VOTING HEAVEN. Ladies and gentlemen, your #BARMADNESS17 Finalists:

the pug Vs. Union Pub

Curl up this evening and recover from the actual NCAA tournament. While you are all watching the matchup between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Gonzaga Bulldogs (do they say “GO-nzaga?”) tomorrow night, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE through midnight on Monday, April 3! We will crown our winner on Tuesday, April 4.

What are you waiting for? VOTE!


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