27 Mar 2017

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Dreaming of Remodeling or Renovating?

Do you feel like you have too little storage? Or that there is not enough light in the hallway? Or maybe you are just tired of looking at the scratched up floors in the kitchen. Do you binge-watch HGTV and dream about all of the ways you’d like to upgrade your home?

Then you should join us THIS Saturday at Eastern Market for our annual Renovation Extravaganza! We will have contractors, designers, architects, and more. If you dream it, they can build it!

What: Renovation Expo, hosted by Fulcrum Properties Group

When: Saturday, April 1, 2017, 11am-2pm

Where: Eastern Market North Hall, located at 225 7th Street SE. Enter through the South Hall or the north entrance at North Carolina Avenue SE.

Why: Because home renovations can be fun!

RSVP: fulcrumpgevents.com


Renovating for Selling or Just For Joy

If you are a homeowner who is expecting a tax return, you’re likely thinking about ways to put it back into your house. But what projects will get you the biggest return on your investment when you are preparing to sell your home?

We recommend starting small. Often times, the “touch up” items on your list are the ones that can make the biggest impact for the smallest cost. For example, replacing your entry door will instantly transform the way you and others feel welcomed into your home.

Similarly, a fresh coat of paint and taking the time—or hiring someone—to patch up any damaged drywall will help your home shine. Consider refinishing the hardwood floors to give them a fresh shine, just like your walls. But, keep in mind that you will need to move furniture to have this done, so timing is everything.

Your front and back yards are also areas that can be easily spruced up for a small amount, and the end result can highlight the amount of extra living space your home has outdoors. Take care to not over do it with the landscaping; mulching around a few well-placed plants will go a long way.

As for kitchen and bathroom remodels, these often return less than 80% of what you spend, on average. Many potential buyers will see these areas as ones they plan to renovate to their own tastes once they move in, so they will not be as interested in paying a premium for the upgrades.

If you are thinking of selling and want to make sure you are picking the best projects for your money, schedule an appointment with your realtor. Because realtors are regularly working with buyers, they will have the best sense of what is selling in the current market, and what is not.

If you don’t have a realtor and would like a free consultation with one of our agents, contact us today!

Fulcrum Properties Group is a residential real estate company located in Washington, D.C. that helps clients buy, sell and invest in real estate in the District, Maryland, and Virginia. The company is associated with the Keller Williams Capital Properties Brokerage and Keller Williams Realty Metro Center. We also have a partner office located in Bend, Oregon.


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