24 Jan 2017

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Sweet Stories to Warm Your Heart On a Cold Winters Day


It’s been a drippy week! Through the dark, rainy days, we could use a bit of sweetness, right?

Let’s start with pups on busses

This London company planned a tour for dogs to take in the sites. The first dog looks so much like my beloved Barlteby, it took my breath away!

This adorable Lab has learned to go to the dog park, all on her own!

Dogs with jobs

I am fond of saying that ‘every dog wants a job, and if you don’t pick one, he will…and you won’t like it!’

Humans are so fortunate that our canine companions are capable, loyal and persistent!

This tiny Yorkie is credited with being the first dog canine war hero. A Yorkie! (The linked video was published after my Veteran’s Day piece last November.)

There is an actual television show called, Dogs With Jobs, and this episode they feature a rescued dog in Wales who gains confidence, a service dog for a hearing impaired couple and a floofy puppy learning to guard a flock of alpaca she is afraid of! So cute.

Speaking of animal odd couples…

Did you know that cheetahs are temperamentally too anxious to survive well in zoos? It turns out that almost every cheetah in captivity has a dog of his or her own. The puppies and kits are raised together so that the dog’s calming energy helps to refocus the cats’ anxiety and offer emotional support. One of the most successful cheetah/dog pairings is Ruuxa and Raina, at the San Diego Zoo.

Dogs and cats. Dogs and farm animals. Even dogs adopting exotic orphans make sense to me. But dogs and raptors? Who would have guessed?

Each of these sweet stories reminds us that dogs are so much more than our best friends!

Everybody loves a happy ending, right?

Eldad Hagar is one of my personal heroes. He spends his days rescuing stray dogs in Southern California and around the world. This is one of his most viewed videos. In it, he cleverly uses an iPhone to rescue an abandoned mother pup, who has just had puppies of her own. The first minute is a little hard to watch, but by the end, you will be smiling; maybe with a tear in your eye.

When I see Eldad’s work, it breaks my heart a little that there are so many creatures needing this kind of assistance. Then, I give thanks that my Cagney has never suffered like this, and never will. And finally, I am inspired by the sweetness of these success stories and that there are people in the world to do this amazing work.

May your heart be warmed by them. And, please give your fur friends a warm hug from the doggy lama and Saving Grace Petcare!


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