25 Jan 2017


Goodbye, Armand’s Pizzeria

The front door of Armand’s on Monday 1/23. The note says, “We are sorry. The store has closed early. Regular hours will resume tomorrow. Thank you.” However, the store did not open on Tuesday.  Photo by María Helena Carey

It seems Armand’s Chicago Pizzeria, 226 Massachusetts Ave NE, is now permanently closed. Although the pizza place, which has been on the Hill for over 20 years, seemed to weather the renovation of most of the 200 block of Massachusetts Avenue NE, it’s finally met the same fate as the beloved Bagels and Baguettes, which closed its doors in April of 2016.

We called the restaurant on a couple of occasions and an employee named Chris said the place was closed for renovations and he was unsure of when it would open again– this agrees with the sign on the front door (picture). However, their website has been updated to say their Capitol Hill location is permanently closed.

We are sad to see another small business go from this location, which also lost a Subway sandwich franchise. Hopefully the Heritage Foundation will provide low-cost, locally-owned options for lunch in this block whenever the renovation is fully done.


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One response to “Goodbye, Armand’s Pizzeria”

  1. steve849 says:

    I enjoyed Armand’s courteous and professional staff but the pizza wasn’t that good.

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