14 Dec 2016


Updates From Your ANC Commissioners

The DC flag. Photo by María Helena Carey, via Instagram.

We periodically share updates from your ANC commissioners. Although these are most pertinent to particular single member districts (SMDs), we feel the information shared can be of interest to the whole Capitol Hill community. Are you an ANC commissioner who shares regular updates? Add thehillishome@gmail.com to your distribution list, please! –María Helena Carey

Updates From Kirsten Oldenburg, ANC 6B04


According to my latest update, Pepco estimates that the disruptive work on the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE will conclude by the end of December (2016).  This current phase (digging trenches for conduits) will be followed by work to install cables through the conduits.  But this latter phase will not involve digging; rather Pepco crews will access the conduits via manholes.  It is too cold now to repave the street so temporary patching will occur; final repaving will happen in Spring 2017.

Fortunately, the temporary patching will remove the steel plates that have caused substantial noise as vehicles pass over them. While still in place, Pepco crews are now supposed to check all plates at the end of each day to make sure they are stable and don’t rock.





Thu 15 Dec, 630pm to 730pm

Learn about and discuss the status of the school renovation with DCPS officials.

Location TBA (email joshua.tuch@dc.gov for meeting location information)



Fri 16 Dec, 8am to 930am

Radici, 303 7th Street SE

Meet with Councilmember Charles Allen and his staff



Washington Gas is in the process of changing gas meters on Capitol Hill.  ANC 6B and staff from the DC’s Office of People’s Counsel (http://www.opc-dc.gov) have received many complaints from residents about WG contractors poor workmanship, property damage, safety, and lack of notice about when the work would begin.

The Washington Gas work was authorized by the DC Public Service Commission and it’s time to notify them of ongoing practices associated with this project. In order to be most effective and address concerns, OPC is seeking affidavits from consumers explaining how work is affecting them.  If you would like to participate, please stop by the Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Tuesday, December 13th between 7pm and 9pm. OPC will have a notary on-hand to accept statements.   Cheryl Morse, at OPC, can answer any questions you might have.  Her email is cmorse@opc-dc.gov



SafeTrack surges will be suspended from December 20 to the end of January 2017. There will also not be any scheduled maintenance on the Metro system on either Holiday weekend. On New Year’s Eve, the system will open at 7am and not close until 3am on January 1, 2017.  Check here for complete details.

Updates From Denise Krepp, ANC 6B10

Oral arguments in my FOIA prosecution data case are tomorrow morning.  My lawyer is Jay Williams, a former ANC Commissioner.  It’s my hope that the judge orders DOJ to share the information with DC residents.
Thank you for your edits on the Congressional oversight letter.  The final letter to the House and Senate Judiciary Committee was sent last week.  A copy of the letter is attached to this email. (See it here: Senate_House Oversight Letter 12-16  (Compressed from original. Thank you, http://www.ilovepdf.com)
Neighbors and I are still working on the Youth Rehabilitation Act changes.  My goal is to finalize the changes by the end of this week.
Lastly, I’ve attached a copy of the power point presentation given by Acting MPD Chief Newsham at the recent neighborhood crime meeting. You can see the file here: 1D Briefing Dc 11-16 (Newsham)
Washington Gas
Several ANC Commissioners, in addition to staff from the DC Office of People’s Counsel (OPC) have received complaints about Washington Gas construction, namely; poor workmanship, property damage, safety, and lack of notice about when the construction would begin.
Commissioner Hoskins has arranged for OPC representatives to attend the ANC6B meeting on 12/13 (7-10pm at the Hill Center). They will be there to collect affidavits from consumers explaining how Washington Gas work is affecting them.  OPC will have a notary on-hand to accept your statement.
The meeting originally scheduled for December 5th to discuss the future of RFK Stadium is now scheduled for January 5th.
The ANC6B Outreach and Constituent Task Force is hosting a briefing on Wednesday, December 21st at 7pm (Hill Center).  Representatives from MPD, DDOT, and DCHSEMA have been invited to brief neighbors on issues related to inauguration safety and logistics.  See attached document for more details.​ Inauguration Briefing (Hill East TF 12-16)


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