12 Dec 2016

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Meet the Pho-Rito and Other Meal-time Options from HUNGRY

Arlington-based Start-up Focuses on Satisfying Food Cravings for Capitol Hill

The Pho Rito from Chef Stacy “SC” Carroll is only available on the HUNGRY app. Photo courtesy of HUNGRY

It’s 6 p.m., the commute was brutal, the dog needs a walk, and the kids are screaming – What’s for dinner!?!

On Capitol Hill, there are no shortage of places to dine and eat out, but what do you do when you need a locally prepared dinner in a pinch?

Well, there’s an app for that.

HUNGRY, which was launched this summer by an Arlington-based start-up connects local chefs, some of which live in and around Capitol Hill, with hungry diners in need of a lunch or dinner on-demand.

Each meal is prepared by an independent chef that lives in Washington, D.C. The cooks create their own unique menu and pricing.

It’s an affordable option that gives upstart chefs a chance to compete in an otherwise crowded market. You can kind of think of HUNGRY as your own personal chef connecting you to what’s hot in the D.C. food scene.

It’s also where you’ll find the Pho-Rito – a lunch or dinner-time special that’s part Mexican burrito, part Vietnamese pho. This genius melding of two different culture and cuisines was made possible by Chef Stacy “SC” Carroll, who lives on Capitol Hill.

“There’s something soul satisfying about the Pho-Rito that makes it addictive,” she says. “The layering of sweet and spicy sauces with savory broth soaked sliced beef creates an experience in which each bite builds on the flavors of the previous.”

Carroll says she was inspired to make the dish for HUNGRY after a visit to L.A., where the Pho-Rito is currently at peak food trend status.

“I thought D.C. would love this, so I gave it a try,” she says. “For my Pho-Rito, I use clover sprouts instead of mung bean, and I pair it with a palate-cleansing pineapple salsa with tossed greens.”

The result is a dinner that is fresh and delivered hot to your door for under $13.

And, it’s not just the Pho-Rito that’s making people crave HUNGRY. There are dozens of other local chefs offering dishes like pineapple habanero burger with a bourbon glaze or tandoori chicken with kathi rolls.

HUNGRY is your connection to an exciting dining experience with ambitious chefs who can unleash their talents in a number of new and bold ways.

Get started now by downloading the app or signing up for an order online.

From there, you can search for meals, discover new and exciting dishes, or check out the latest menus from local chefs. All it takes is three taps or clicks for a fresh, made-to-order meal to be cooked and on its way to your door – you can even track the order in real time.

And, as a special offer for The Hill is Home readers, use promo code THIH for $10 off your first HUNGRY order. But hurry, this offer expires Jan 1, 2017.

Get started with your first meal order now by visiting: tryhungry.com

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