16 Dec 2016


Cleanly Brings Home Delivery Service to Dry Cleaning & Laundry

I’m fortunate enough to work in a casual office where I rarely need to dress in business attire, so let’s just say dry cleaning is rare for me. For my husband, it’s a different story. And when his travel schedule gets crazy, it’s up to me to remember to drop off and pick up his laundry. I’m not a huge fan of falling into classic gender roles, and stopping by the dry cleaner is often forgotten when I’m keeping busy with my day job, my work on The Hill is Home, and several other side projects.

So when Cleanly reached out to ask us to review them, I happily delegated things right back to the hubby and had him schedule a pickup and drop off around his schedule. (Note that they also offer laundry services, which is great if you happen to not have a washer/dryer in your home!!

We were in the midst of a particularly hectic two weeks of events and travels, but had no trouble finding a convenient pickup window; their service includes everything from early morning to late night, and weekends. We had the laundry picked up on a Sunday morning, and returned on Tuesday evening.

The price is competitive as long as you have at least $30 worth of cleaning. Otherwise, you have an extra delivery fee that you may decide isn’t worth the convenience factor. A breakdown of all of their pricing and fees is below.

On return, the laundry was delivered in a top-shelf bag and well organized. Best of all, we had one fewer stops on a very busy weekend of errands and holiday party planning.

If you’d like to give it a try as well, the code THEHILL30 gets $30 off your first order!


Wash & Fold

Regular Laundry $1.99/lb
Bedding – Mattress/Duvet Cover $12.00
Bedding – Comforter $24.00
Bedding – Blanket/Throw $16.00
Bedding – Pillow $10.00
Bath Mat $5.00
Hang Dry First 4 Items $2.00
Each Additional Hang Dry Item $1.00

Laundered Shirts

Laundered Shirt $2.75
*Disclosure I was not paid to write this review, beyond the free dry cleaning. You, too, can get up to $30 off dry cleaning or laundry using the code THEHILL30

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