08 Nov 2016


Don’t Forget the ANC Vote!

It’s Election Day! Don’t forget to vote –and don’t worry if it temporarily slipped your mind, because no one will let you forget it!

One of the votes you’ll be casting today is for your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC). This office, for those of you not familiar with it, is determined by your address and it is non-partisan. It is also not a compensated seat, meaning that your ANC commissioners attend meetings and give their informed opinion on neighborhood happenings, permits, changes, new buildings, new businesses, etc. while still doing their day jobs and caring for their families. That, dear readers, is the true meaning of public service.

Hold on. I have some dirt in my eye.

Here at The Hill is Home, we want to encourage you to get to know your Single-Member District commissioners– they are YOUR champions– and to try to attend at least one ANC meeting– maybe you could start this week in your particular ANC? Click here to find out when ANC meetings take place: http://anc.dc.gov/page/ward-6-advisory-neighborhood-commissions). If you absolutely cannot make a meeting, each ANC has their own site and they keep minutes there for the public to read. You can find them here:

6A minutes (Near Northeast, Union Station)

6B minutes (Capitol Hill, Barracks Row, Hill East south)

6C minutes (Lincoln Park, Hill East north)

6D minutes (Southwest, Navy Yard)

6E minutes (Shaw)

We also want to thank those running for office in Ward 6 and who took the time to attend our Happy Hour back in October. Let’s do it again soon, shall we? For now, we’ll leave you with photos from the evening.



Paul Biedlingmaier, ANC 6D02.  Photo by María Helena Carey


Young constituents from 6C02 and 6B03. Photo by María Helena Carey


Katelynd Mahoney ANC 6D05 and Gail Fast ANC 6D01. Photo by María Helena Carey


Tony Brown (Third from left) ANC 6E02 with friends and constituents. Photo by María Helena Carey



James Loots ANC 6B03 and his daughter; and Wes Ven Johnson ANC6D01 with his wife. Photo by María Helena Carey.




Katelynd Mahoney ANC 6D05


Aimee Grace, ANC 6B07 and Christine Healy, ANC 6C03. Photo by María Helena Carey


Aimee Grace, ANC 6B07 and Wes Ven Johnson ANC6D01 with his wife. Photo by María Helena Carey.


Wes Ven Johnson, ANC6D01 with his wife; Aimee Grace, ANC 6B07; Yair Inspektor, 6A05. Photo by María Helena Carey.


Carea Lee Shockley, 6D02. Photo by María Helena Carey.

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