19 Jul 2016


ANC 6B10 Update

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.27.42 AMThe following is an update from ANC6B10 commissioner Denise Krepp, and while it focuses more on her SMD, all Capitol Hill residents may find something of interest in her report. Are you an ANC commissioner who shares his or her updates with your constituents? Drop us a line at thehillishome@gmail.com and we’ll share your updates.

Good evening.  The following is a quick update on:

  • Theft at 7-Eleven
  • CAG/Andromeda
  • WMATA Crime
  • BZA Case

Theft at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven opened the store on 15th and Independence on Friday.  The first report of theft was on Saturday. I’ve asked 7-Eleven to share in-store footage with the police of the event; add a camera and lights in the alley; and get rid of the trash cans in the alley.

PSA  108

CCN 16-117-880

RPT DATE: July 16, 2016 7:50:01 PM



LOCATION         Convenience Store

CAG and Andromeda

I’ve attached a slide containing information on the construction of the CAG building at 15th and Independence Avenue SE.

Commissioner Jayaraman and I met with Dr. Royster, Director of Behavioral Health this afternoon to talk about CAG and Andromeda. It was awful. After 60 minutes, I told Dr. Royster that we had learned nothing from her. She refused to provide information regarding Andromeda’s proposed services and directed Commissioner Jayaraman to FOIA the information.

Additionally, she made it very clear that neighbors do not have a say when DBH decides to approve new mental health facilities. Commissioner Jayaraman summed up the meeting nicely – the ANC has more say in pop-ups than for facilities supporting DBH and those under supervised release by the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency. It doesn’t matter that these facilities will be located next to a current facility (CAG) or within a couple of blocks of several schools.


WMATA notified me last week that they do not monitor the prosecution of crime occurring on metro property and they directed me to the Department of Justice for the information. Per the attached letter, I’ve informed GM Wiedefeld that I will not be calling DOJ. Compiling prosecution data is WMATA’s job and they need to start doing it. I’ve also requested that the Mayor and DC Councilmembers get involved.

BZA Case

The ANC will be reviewing a BZA application for 1625 A Street, SE. See attached. If you have questions or concerns re this application please let me know.


ANC6B10 Commissioner

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