04 Mar 2016


ICYMI: OMG FLOTUS at Watkins!!

In one of those, “HOLY CANNOLI THIS HAPPENS BECAUSE THEY LIVE JUST UP THE STREET” moments, the First Lady –who is possibly one of the coolest people on the face of the earth– decided to surprise one of the 5th grade Foodprints classes at Watkins Elementary recently. I’m sure you may have caught the adorable video and the faces of delight in all the children throughout the clip. But juuuuuust in case you missed it (hey, it happens!) here is the Let’s Move post and a link to the video. Enjoy and know that we have a good thing going in this little chunk of DC.

(h/t Hill Rag, everyone’s Facebook)

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One response to “ICYMI: OMG FLOTUS at Watkins!!”

  1. steve849 says:

    Hope she isn’t imposing her disgusting lunches on them.

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