03 Nov 2015


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Photo by Caroline Angelo via Flickr.

The other night I had this weird dream that culminated in the day being dark and rainy and the clouds raining down motor oil. This meant that there was no line at Rose’s Luxury and my two crazy sons, my mother, my mother’s good friend and I were ushered inside by all the waiters. There might have been some sort of chorus line involved.

What is everyone else talking/dreaming about our neighborhood in a weird dramatic sequence today?


First up, JDLand is fangirling hard about building 202 at the Yards and we are right there with her. Will it be developed anytime soon? Click through to see the pictures of the grand space!

Did you hear about the all-decaf pop-up coffee bar opening in NYC? Don’t cover your ears with your hands like that! Instead, read where to get good decaf in town from Best Bites Blog: Swanky Maketto got a nod. (FWIW, this coffee aficionado thinks there is a time and a place for decaf: I can’t drink caffeine after 4 p.m. unless I want to stay up all night. /TMI)

In sort-of neighborhood news, hold on to your hats near Union Market because that area is changing at breakneck speed.

Two people were found dead inside the Tennessee Avenue NE home they were renovating. NBC reported and HillNow has details as well. Heartbreaking.

DCist covered last week’s crime meeting. Did you attend? Do you feel less safe around the neighborhood? Share with us in the comments.

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