09 Oct 2015


Shoutout: Denise Krepp

Denise Krepp. Portrait by María Helena Carey

You may have read Denise Krepp’s editorial posts here on The Hill is Home, or you may have met her at ANC 6B meetings because she represents 6B10. But last week was a big week for one of our tireless neighborhood crusaders: first, she had a piece on this summer’s crime wave over at The Hill, “Summer of Simple Assault.” In this piece, Krepp searched for answers from the U.S. Attorney’s Office regarding this summer’s violence:

 The USAO’s answer shocked me. Over half of the misdemeanors are diverted which means that the individuals punching Capitol Hill residents aren’t prosecuted and therefore, no record exists of the assaults. The USAO tried to tell me last week that the cases they divert involve first-time offenders. But how will the police or prosecutors know if someone is a first-time offender if the USAO keeps dismissing the charges? No answer. Just assurances from the USAO that they are diligently pursuing criminals.

In addition to being amazing at her side job, Denise has also made the rounds on MSNBC for her day job. Here she is discussing the search for El Faro, a lost cargo ship, on October 5, and again on October 6:

By the by, she’s married to this guy who despite not being a transportation expert, was asked to weigh in on why Metro sucks. Or, well, like Andy Le said:

Congratulations, Denise!

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