30 Sep 2015


New Neighborhood Guide by CSX

NeighborhoodGuideAs part of its efforts to support the neighborhood during the Virginia Avenue Tunnel project, CSX has launched The Neighborhood Guide, a mobile-friendly neighborhood guide for Barracks Row and the Capitol Riverfront.

Since the project–along with numerous other construction projects south of the freeway–is bringing hundreds of workers to the neighborhood, CSX saw an opportunity to help those workers find and shop at local businesses. CSX partnered with Barracks Row Main Street and the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District to ensure that all local businesses are represented.

The Neighborhood Guide lets you search for businesses by category )Dining, Lodging, Parking, Attractions, Shopping or Services), set favorites, and call businesses directly from the Guide. Give it a try and leave feedback in the comments!


Washington, D.C. – September 29, 2015 – CSX is investing in a new mobile-friendly web app, The Neighborhood Guide, to support local businesses in Southeast Washington, D.C., where CSX is replacing the Virginia Avenue Tunnel. The geolocation-enabled app lists nearby shops and recreational areas, provides special promotions from local merchants, and identifies convenient places to park. The Neighborhood Guide was developed to encourage project team members and construction personnel to support area businesses during the project.

In collaboration with Barracks Row and the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District, CSX created the app to promote area businesses to the hundreds of construction personnel and project staff who will be working in the neighborhood during the 30-42 month tunnel-reconstruction project. CSX partnered with Barracks Row Main Street and the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District to ensure that all local businesses are represented.

“We’re proud to be part of the Virginia Avenue neighborhood of southeast Washington, D.C.,” said Chuck Gullakson, CSX assistant vice president and chief project engineer for tunnel project. “We developed this online application to encourage people, especially those commuting to the area to work on the project, to support nearby businesses while they’re here. We hope this app is equally useful for neighborhood residents and other visitors who may be looking for new neighborhood restaurants and entertainment activities to try.”

The Neighborhood Guide organizes area businesses into six categories: Dining, Lodging, Parking, Attractions, Shopping or Services. Users can also save their favorites for easy access. To access the app, please visit theneighborhoodguide.com.

The Virginia Avenue Tunnel in southeast Washington, D.C., is a crucial element in the East Coast’s rail transportation network. The tunnel allows freight trains to move among key U.S. consumer and industrial markets and the ports that connect them to the global economy. CSX is replacing the 110-year-old tunnel with a modern, two-track structure that eliminates a bottleneck in the D.C. region’s rail network while facilitating the transport of double-stacked containerized freight. To learn more about CSX’s Virginia Avenue Tunnel Reconstruction Project, please visit virginiaavenuetunnel.com.

Contact: Rob Doolittle 202-626-4939

About CSX

CSX, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is a premier transportation company.  It provides rail, intermodal and rail-to-truck transload services and solutions to customers across a broad array of markets, including energy, industrial, construction, agricultural, and consumer products.  For nearly 190 years, CSX has played a critical role in the nation’s economic expansion and industrial development.  Its network connects every major metropolitan area in the eastern United States, where nearly two-thirds of the nation’s population resides.  It also links more than 240 short-line railroads and more than 70 ocean, river and lake ports with major population centers and farming towns alike.  More information about CSX Corporation and its subsidiaries is available atwww.csx.com. Like us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/OfficialCSX) and follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/CSX).

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3 responses to “New Neighborhood Guide by CSX”

  1. Bill23 says:

    CSX basically saying “since we’ll be royally screwing over your neighborhood for four years, we’ll build an app so the construction workers (who bring lunch everyday anyway) can find local businesses!”

    • I’m with you and have been dreading this for a long time. But I have to admit, so far they have been doing a decent job moving things along quickly. I’m in their office enough to let them know about problems that they all know me on a first name basis now 🙂 I’ve been pleased at their willingness to get the light at 5th and VA Ave retimed to allow more cars to pass each cycle, and they are doing a better job with pedestrian crossings than the teams managing the other projects along VA Ave and NJ Ave. The corner of NJ and I is the worst around, and that is 100% the other construction companies.

      Since we can no longer block this from happening, I’m trying to focus efforts on making sure they know what we need them to fix or help improve will be best for us in the long run. This sucks for us right now, I completely agree, but they could also be much worse.

      And hopefully this guide will be used by other visitors and new residents to the neighborhood. We may know it well but folks from over the bridge, and new residents don’t always. Any resource is an improvement of some sort.

  2. Bill23 says:

    THANKS CSX! Keep providing us free bottles of water at Yards Park because that makes a difference!!

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