22 Sep 2015

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Hill Residents’ Blog EducationDC.net Keeps You in the Know

By Roberto Verzo on Flickr

By Roberto Verzo on Flickr

Here on Capitol Hill, conversations between neighbors vary between a few safe topics. We talk about our pets, our kids, our gardens, our favorite restaurants and such. With elections (always) on the horizon, it’s best to stay away from politics. Money is ok as long as you keep the conversation to real estate prices, climbing tax bills and the pros and cons of home renovation. It’s wise to tread lightly when broaching the topic of schools, however, and educationdc.net–a blog started by Hill locals to address education in D.C., gets you up to speed on ongoing issues and hot topics at your fingertips. It’s our luck that people in the know are passionate about passing along their collective experience and knowledge.

It takes a lot of effort to stay informed about education in D.C. But EducationDC writers Valerie Jablow and Suzanne Wells are on it. Some may think it’s only an issue that’s of interest to parents, but it’s of great importance to not-yet parents moving to the area (read: filling all of the new condo buildings). Plus there’s the issue that as taxpayers we each make a significant contribution to public education here. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the District spent more than $29,000 spending per student. In an early post, parent and education activist Jablow investigates private funding at traditional and public charter schools in the city.

Charter schools are also a hot topic, which is also covered by the site. Wells, the former president of the Capitol Hill Public School Parent Organization, looks into the effects on elementary and middle schools when large numbers of kids leave 4th grade to attend 5th grade in charter schools. This fall Brent’s 4th grade class shrunk by 40%, Logan Montessori lost 50% of their students, and 26% of Maury’s 4th grade class did not return. Those are the kinds of numbers that demand attention no matter your views (or action plan) on the topic.


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