28 Mar 2014


BAR MADNESS: Elite Eight!

Wow, Capitol Hill! There has been absolutely no shortage of drama since we started our BAR MADNESS tournament a little over a week ago! There have been upsets, head-to-heads, bitter tears and awesome voter turnouts! Let’s pause for a moment and hope you guys care as much about voting in the primaries as you do about voting for your favorite bars, amirite? (Click on the link if you want Tim Krepp’s crib sheet on whom to vote for, will you?)

The voting frenzy in this second round is officially over, and now there are only EIGHT amazing bars standing, vying for fame, glory, and our Capitol Hill CAN O’SPAM. Newcomer Rose’s Luxury put up one hell of fight, but when the clock struck midnight, it was a measly SIX votes short of beating H Street insititution The Argonaut. Our diabolical three-way match was brutal and the bracket with the highest amount of votes, hands down (over 1,000 votes!); however, when all was said and done, it was Beuchert’s Saloon who emerged victorious from the smoldering ashes of that game. Want to know who else made it? JUMP!!

It is a thing of beauty, is it not? Now it’s really up to you to help your favorite make it to the FOAMY FOUR!

And then.... there were EIGHT.

And then…. there were EIGHT.

Vote below and tell your friends! This round of voting will be open through Tuesday, PRIMARY ELECTION DAY, April Fools’ Day at 11:59 pm! Go vote for your mayoral candidate of choice and get a double dose of democracy in action by voting in our poll! We will announce the FOAMY FOUR on Wednesday, April 2.

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