31 Oct 2013

New Vendors Coming to Eastern Market

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If you’ve lived on Capitol Hill for any length of time, you’ve probably been to Eastern Market enough times to develop your go-to vendor list.  Perhaps you enjoy savory crepes, or earrings made of typewriter keys, or masterful woodwork, or photographs of our fair city in the early morning mist.

Whatever your fancy, the market can deliver.  Now and then the folks who run Eastern Market like to shake things up a bit and bring in some new vendors on the weekends outside the market building.  The outdoor vending area at Eastern Market can accommodate 125 vending stalls and covers the farmer’s shed, the plaza outside Rumsey Aquatic Center,  7th Street SE, and on the plaza outside of the North Hall.  The flea market in the Hines parking lot is operated and moderated separately.

A few of the new vendors have already set-up shop on recent Sundays, but all should be present in the coming weeks leading up to peak holiday season.  The new vendors include:

  • Wood wall art by Leah Boelman.
  • Leather accessories by Kate Stack.
  • Watercolor paintings and Chinese calligraphy by Betrand Mao.
  • Encaustic paintings by Sarak Baker.
  • Paper cuttings by Voyo Woo.
  • Traditional printmaking by George H. Smith.
  • Zoe’s Vegan Delights, featuring falafel and pita bread.
  • Candies, cookies, tarts and cakes by Thunder Pig Confectionery.
  • Haitian metalwork sold by Michele Edwards.
  • Functional wood art by Brian Butters.
  • Collages by Mitch Delsack.
  • Wood furniture from salvaged material by Craig Dreyer.

Some vendors plan to set up shop every Sunday between now and Christmas, while others will be present select Sundays.  All the more reason to head to the Market regularly and check out the new treats and treasures.

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