20 Sep 2013



But You Should Have Heard What Was Coming Out of My Mouth (Day three hundred twenty-two)

A Navy Yard sunset. Photo by María Helena Carey

On Tuesday, Navy Yard resident Rachel Reilly Carroll took a personal day from work.

When she was getting home on Monday evening, she started to think of all the wonderful things her neighborhood has to offer, and the wonderful community she is now a part of ever since becoming a resident of the Navy Yard in early 2012. Rachel is very involved in the area’s future already, being an active participant in the Half Street Market.

Watching the terrible, heartrending news on Monday, it’s been theorized that many around the city and the country may start viewing the Southeast Waterfront area and the Navy Yard with a higher degree of suspicion: when bad things happen, it’s hard to remember anything but the pain and ache, sadly forgetting the wonderful aspects of a community. But Rachel got an idea Tuesday, while taking time to walk around the neighborhood she loves: what about if we all remembered our favorite things about the Navy Yard, like the joy of the fountains in the summer, the movies on warm evenings, or the twinkle of the USS Barry’s lights? If we all thought about how much we love this part of the neighborhood, we could start to heal after such a sad day. This community is special and hard to find: why not give back with a simple thought? After all, the Navy Yard is a part of all of us. We are the Navy Yard.

It’s your turn, Capitol Hill: what do you love about the Navy Yard? What is your favorite thing to do there? How is the Navy Yard a part of you? Tweet or tag your thoughts and photos on  Twitter and Facebook as #IAmNavyYard.  We will collect them over the course of the week, and heal together.

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