31 Dec 2012

New Year's Hill Resolutions

364/366: #puddlegram

Happiness in your own backyard, beauty in a puddle. Photo by María Helena Carey

The last day of the year tends to bring regrets, while the first of the year brings promises along with it. “I wish I had…” and “I really should…” pepper everyone’s speeches as the day winds down and a new year approaches. We know New Year’s Day is a meaningless date: today is just Monday and tomorrow, after all, is a Tuesday just like all the others. And yet, it is as if a shiny portal, beckoning us to wake up better, thinner, newer and happier shows up every year, and every year we want to cross it.

This will be the year!

We asked our writers to tell us their Hill-related New Year’s resolutions because, after all, happiness and a better self usually lie hidden in our own backyards. Here is what they shared:

Maria: I hereby resolve to do something I’ve never done before in the neighborhood, every month. I confess I have not been to Toki Underground or Le Grenier yet. I have not taken a course or heard a lecture at the Hill Center. I have never caught a summer movie at the Capitol Riverfront. This all needs to change.

Jon: I resolve to get to know more neighbors on my block. It’s the people who make the neighborhood the place it is. And to eat more pretzels from The Pretzel Bakery.

Kate: I resolve to attend an ANC and a PSA meeting. I may need a cocktail first.

Kyra: I resolve to expand my Hill dining choices beyond the five restaurants and delis that I frequent the most. My list of new-to-me places to try includes everything on the west end of H Street and the restaurants south of Matchbox and north of Ted’s Bulletin on Barracks Row.

Tim E.: Buy a bike, bike more, and leave the car at home.

Lauren: Complete more volunteer hours at Congressional Cemetery, which provides hours of endless fun for my dog, Tate, and his neighborhood pals.

Jen: Use Capital Bikeshare more, primarily so I can continue to support my two favorite new Hill businesses which keep me in a  happy and carbtastic pretzels-and-pizza-fueled reverie.

Do you want to share your resolutions with us? The first step to making it through that glittering gate is to announce your good intentions to the world, after all! Happy New Year!

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