04 Dec 2012

Five Questions with Keira Havner and Lia Salza Goldstein of Little Loft

Painting fun with the kiddies. Photo by María Helena Carey

Back in late September, we announced the great news about Little Loft, a new art studio for children right across the street from Frager’s. We asked Keira Havner and Lia Salza Goldstein a few questions, so you can get a better idea of who are the people behind the business. Enjoy!

1. How did the idea of an art studio for children come about?

We were inspired by watching our own children create. We wanted to offer a place where Hill families could share in the process of art making with their children. After visiting a few children’s art studios in the region and on the West Coast we loved the idea of having one on the Hill.

2. Why did you choose the Hill as your business location?

We were both raising children on the Hill, and wanted more activities and art-based opportunities for them in our own neighborhood.  And since the Hill is a neighborhood with a large and growing number of families, we wanted our business to serve our own community.

3. What makes the Hill one of the child-friendliest neighborhoods in DC?

Walkability –people pass each other on the street, not just at destination spots. This increases the sense of community.  [There are] great gathering places: from family-friendly restaurants to parks and playgrounds, there are lots of places kids can play and parents can connect.  Parents here have high standards and want to offer real enrichment to their children. They not only seek it out, but create it if they don’t find it. Boogie Babes is a great example! [There are] places like Atlas Performing Arts, which offers performances and programs for young children, and CHAW which has been serving this community for years, make the Hill a family-friendly place. We’re hoping to add to the value these organizations bring to the neighborhood.

4. What are some of your favorite things to teach kids?

I (Keira) always like to incorporate children’s literature and art history into lessons designed for older students. I feel like having clay/play dough available creates endless possibilities for imaginative play. Our fourth and fifth graders love play dough as much as our two- and three-year olds. As for the little ones, guiding them in experiencing materials for the first time (GLITTER!) or using art materials in a new way can produce pretty joyful results.

5. Any chance you will teach adult classes?

Well, CHAW already offers great opportunities for adults to hone their painting,drawing and photography skills. We are hoping to tap into the talent and creativity of the adults in the neighborhood and begin to offer Little Loft as a gathering place for creators and crafters of all kinds.  We have an adult workshop on Friday, Dec 7 with artist Nina O’Neil.  More of these coming up!

Thank you so much to Keira and Lia for answering these questions. If you have questions of your own, stop by Little Loft, 555 11th Street SE and say hi!

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    It was wonderful watching 6 different grandchildren create such different stained glass designs over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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