30 Nov 2012

School Information Night is THIS SUNDAY


It’s okay dad: no need to hide. Photo by MarĂ­a Helena Carey

Ah, the life of a parent: the first few years you are sleep-deprived and covered in spit-up, and you are also routinely suffocated by diapers and inadequacies. And then the little darlings get older and you’re so happy they finally let you live, but then you discover that they HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL AND YOU HAVE TO PICK IT OUT AND THEN, TAKE THEM THERE. AAAARGH.


As it turns out that delightful juggernaut of parenthood that is Moms on The Hill (MoTH) is holding their annual School Information Night this Sunday, December 2nd, at Capitol Hill Day School, just in time to start that awkward process of figuring out whether you want a more traditional, museum-based, exploratory, arts-oriented, child-oriented, non-traditional, or basketweaving kind of school, or really, if you can just apply for one that is within walking distance of your house. There is a website for you to peruse which schools are going to be in attendance, which you can visit here.

Good luck, and see you at drop-off!

Does your school have an upcoming open house or event, or would you like to share something special about your school? Send me an email at Maria [dot]Carey [at] thehillishome [dot] com

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