28 Nov 2012

Second Break in at Brent Elementary

For the second time this school year, students and teachers at Brent Elementary at 3rd and North Carolina SE returned to school after a weekend away to find broken windows and missing computers.

Early Sunday morning, at around roughly 1 am, several individuals used a shovel to pry open the Principal’s window and then a fire extinguisher to break the library door. Six iMacs from the library and office were taken. A letter home from Principal Peter Young yesterday announced that “I am confident that the school is safe and secure during the school day and that there will be no disruptions to instruction.”

Pat Collins of NBC4 covered the break in in greater detail last night.

On October 7th of this year, a similar break in cost the computer six additional iMac’s. Although tracking devices were installed in those computers, no arrests were reported and those computers were not recovered.

Security footage was given to MPD late Monday afternoon, but as if 6:30 yesterday, MPD spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump would only say, “The case is under investigation and we are working with DCPS to retrieve the video. We will provide more information when it becomes available.” No further information has been provided as of this time, but updates will be added if any do come in. Hold your breath for that.

During this Thanksgiving break, other DC schools were broken into, including several on the Hill. Watkins Elementary and Eastern High reportedly had broken windows, although nothing stolen, and Stanton Elementary on Naylor Road and Alabama Avenue SE had a break in, but no word yet on missing items. Brightwood Elementary in Northwest DC had a very similar break in captured on security cameras as well, according to this morning’s Post. In that case, five people broke in at 1 am Friday morning, and several iMacs were stolen.

It’s easy to be cynical about the lack of progress, or even information, from DC Public School system or MPD officials about these seemingly connected crimes, but, hey, it could be worse. Brent Elementary has only had two break-ins this year, with 12 computers stolen; Walker-Jones Elementary School has had 19 break-ins over the last year or so, with over 100 computers stolen. At starting price of $1299 for iMac’s, I guess we know why DC can’t afford to hire school librarians!

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  • C_29

    I also noticed the Wagtime Too has a couple of broken windows now. I’m not sure if it’s just vandalism or if someone broke in (given they aren’t operational yet I’m not sure there would be anything to steal).

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