07 Jul 2012

Hill Pops: Fearless crusaders of….. did you say CHILE MANGO?!

We here at The Hill is Home are sitting down, blowing kisses at our fans and air conditioning right now. Of course, some of us THIHers who shall remain nameless are out there camping and we’re all just kind of shaking our heads, but we digress.  The mission of today and tomorrow is to COOL DOWN because 103 degrees is no laughing matter.

Hill Pops, the neighborhood purveyors of Mexican-style paletas which they usually sell at The Cupboard, are making us all an offer we seriously cannot refuse: if you get your order in by today using this handy Paleta Order Form, they will cool you down with such amazing-sounding flavors as CHILE MANGO, or strawberries and cream, or pineapple. They will deliver all orders TOMORROW, between 2 and 6 pm. Just make sure you order at least four.

So what are you waiting for? Apologies in advance if all the chile mango is taken up.

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