08 Nov 2019


First Bite: Emilie’s

So happy to welcome Kathryn Duval as a THIH contributor! You may recall Kate’s awesome Instagram takeover back in August, where her bubbly personality and love for the neighborhood were both evident. Welcome to the THIH family, Kate! –Maria Helena Carey The saying goes that fire allows for a new beginning. And so, there is […]

30 May 2013

First Bite: Chupacabra Taqueria

As I sit here and try to recreate my first bite experience over at Chupacabra Taqueria‘s new bricks and mortar store, located at 822 H Street NE, I am distracted. My distraction: I have a cheese-filled Venezuelan style arepa in the fridge. A crunchy, cheese-filled delicious fried corn cake that is begging to be eaten […]

08 Jan 2013

First (and Second and Third…) Bite: Batter Bowl Bakery

Batter Bowl Bakery at 403 H Street NE opened for business on Friday. They offer a good assortment of breads, puff pastries, bagels, macarons (the almond paste cookies, not their extra-o’ed coconut cousins in the cookie family). This week, they are also introducing heavier breakfast fare, like pancakes and breakfast sandwiches. They also serve Illy-brand […]

07 Jul 2012

Hill Pops: Fearless crusaders of….. did you say CHILE MANGO?!

We here at The Hill is Home are sitting down, blowing kisses at our fans and air conditioning right now. Of course, some of us THIHers who shall remain nameless are out there camping and we’re all just kind of shaking our heads, but we digress.  The mission of today and tomorrow is to COOL […]

01 Feb 2012

Pound the Hill Unveils Bistro and Wine Bar

Picture this: You’re walking down that wide, tree-lined boulevard we call Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s spring, and you see children walk by in strollers and dogs and their owners briskly sauntering by. The sun starts to set dramatically over the Capitol. In the air, the unmistakeable scent of apple blossoms mingles with Moroccan lentils, or perhaps […]

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