13 Jun 2012

ANC 6C Meeting Tonight

While it is true that your tireless and unpaid advisory neighborhood commissioners meet on a monthly basis, it seems some meetings are more important than others. Which is why when I received a hand-delivered letter from Karen Wirt, ANC 6C08 on Sunday to invite my household to go to the monthly ANC 6C meeting happening tonight, June 13 at 7pm at the Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, I figured it was important enough to dedicate a blog post to it.

Apparently, the building where the White Tiger Restaurant currently resides (301 Massachusetts Avenue NE) has a new owner. This new owner, Joe Reger, would like to house a pizza parlor in the space, conceal the dumpsters, and extend outdoor seating: from 38 persons to 88 on the Massachusetts side, and from 4 persons to 30 on the third street side. The seating will be enclosed to prevent noise, but it will encroach upon the sidewalk, especially on the third street side. When he was out meeting neighbors, Joe Reger, along with his laywer, emphasized that he is not interested in attracting tour buses or other large groups to his restaurant; however, the pizza place he wants to bring in to the space, Pete’s Apizza, is very popular– a fact that will disrupt traffic and parking around the neighborhood.

If you have an opinion regarding this matter, make your voice heard and go to your ANC meeting tonight. Otherwise, you won’t have anyone to complain to when the smell of tandoori chicken is replaced by oregano.

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One response to “ANC 6C Meeting Tonight”

  1. HillmanDC says:

    I’m completely cool with this. Dude should be able to develop his property as he sees fit. That is a high profile corner property with HUGE outdoor space potential. Only makes sense to develop this.

    The only request I would make is that he try to cater to residents, rather than interns.

    Union Pub claimed their remodel a couple years back was to make it a neighborhood restaurant, when in fact it was just so they could serve crappy food as an aside to their real business, which is beering up interns.

    But I welcome a decent neighborhood pizza joint.

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