29 May 2012

Hill Buzz

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photo by theupper on Flickr

  • Be careful walking around on your phone — even on busy streets in the middle of the day — a woman on East Capitol Street had her iPhone stolen out of her hand by someone on a Capital Bikeshare bike.  More at DC Curbed.
  • Young & Hungry Housing Complex reported that the Hilton Brothers are pulling out of their plans for 1337 H Street NE, and Frozen Tropics notes a bit of history many might not know about the building – it used to be an illegal funeral home and has recently hosted some art performances, one of which got a bit out of control…
  • Hine Recap: Housing Complex, ANC Commissioner Norm Metzger, EMMCA, Sociology in My Neighborhood
  • DCist checked out the new mural on Smith Common’s side wall.
  • Housing Complex reported that the case against The Heritage Foundation’s third floor pop up on their annex building on Pennsylvania Avenue has been thrown out on technicalities.
  • Frozen Tropics shared news about what’s planned for Union Market.
  • Housing Complex detailed a fight between the neighbors and owners of the church at 7th and A Streets, NE over the removal of windows.  DePhillis explains, “the case is raising a fundamental question of the sort usually mulled by the church’s neighbors at the Supreme Court: Does the First Amendment, combined with property rights, trump historic preservation?”


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  • Housing Complex didn’t report the Hilton bros news, that was new Young & Hungry writer Jessica Sidman!

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