25 Apr 2012

Frager's (and its Fans) Petitions BZA to Use Alley Space

Ever heard of any politicians whose grassroots strategy involves a moon bounce? Frager’s Hardware is certainly ahead of the curve. Mitt? Barrack?

On my last trip to Frager’s last Sunday I was asked to sign a petition, and noted some signage outside explaining a new neighborhood brouhaha and why their garden space is somewhat limited. A few neighbors began to complain and threaten action last fall, raising a stink about how the ninety-two year old store uses 5,000 square feet that the store owns on the alley.  The city has recently threatened fines, and the space has been cleared out and is useless to its owners. The alley space on the 500 block of 12th Street, SE is “landlocked” and is zoned for residential use, so they’ve applied for a variance on the property so they continue to use the space for inventory holding, parking and seasonal merchandise — admittedly at odds with the zoning. The company has promised to refrain from building a tanning plant, cause a ruckus with heavy metal or maintain cages of endangered species. There may, however, be green eggs on the property.

Ah, Green Eggs. That brings us to the activities on Friday Saturday. From 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Frager’s will welcome the community to sign the petition with not only a moon bounce, but popcorn and goodies grilled up on the Green Egg. You can, of course, buy a Green Egg. The purchase would be a good way to help boost sales. Without the extra space, employees, who might otherwise being advising you on nuts and bolts and basil plants, are spending significant time going back and forth to Hyattsville to retrieve supplies and merchandise.

The petitions will be submitted on May 1st ANC6B meeting and then at the Board of Zoning and Adjustment meeting on May 22.

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  • If the NIMBY neighbors are a nuisance, perhaps Fragers would consider moving on over to H Street where neighbors would surely welcome the business with open arms (and wallets).

  • Thank you for the kind words and support, however there is one small typo – Frager’s Family Fun day is Saturday, April 28th from 10AM to 3PM, not Friday. Come on down! Thanks!

  • Thanks for the kind words and support – however there is one typo, the Family Fun Day is Saturday, April 28th, not Friday. Thanks, Harold

  • Thanks so much Harold. Sorry about that!

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