13 Oct 2011

The To Do List

Oooh, Tango!

Photo by María Helena Carey, who thought that was a totally sweet Valentine.

Alrighty people: these amazing, mild-weathered weekends are not going to last forever. This weekend is going to be magical, hovering around 68 and 70 degrees unless Accuweather is lying mercilessly to me— and if so, HOW DARE YOU, ACCUWEATHER?!

Here are the things you should highly consider doing, in order to increase your happiness this weekend, in a weird non-order that is the product of my cluttered mind:

1. Sign up for cornhole– or skeeball, bocce or shuffleboard! Starting Monday (yes, because who doesn’t go into the weekend thinking of the following Monday) get your game on over at the American Legion Bar. In the meantime, you should probably start a few weekend practice rounds. See? If you’re going to be practicing your cornhole, you’re going to need a good brunching spot, too– to fortify yourself, of course!. I’m thinking the Queen Vic–1206 H Street NE; any suggestions, Brunch Girl?

2. Get your vampire on! We know you already love the amazing cocktails at Wisdom, 1432 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, but did you know that on Sundays (and Tuesdays!) from 5-10pm there are also movies to be watched? Specifically, this Sunday there are VAMPIRE movies to be watched, with popcorn and everything! I’m thinking the fake teeth, the velvet cape, and the bad accent are all optional, but you go on with your bad self Count Von Count. Follow @WisdomDC on Twitter to get a preview of the evening’s title.

3. Go see Othello at the Folger! Yes, yes, it starts on Tuesday, October 18th, which is TOTALLY not the weekend, but honestly? It looks amazing! Also, if you go on the 18th, it’s pay-what-you-can! Tickets are available at the door, cash only. For more information go to the Folger Website.

4. Get some major house envy and ogling on, while helping local schools! IT IS RENOVATOR’S HOUSE TOUR TIME, FOLKS! If you have eyes and a pulse, then you’ve seen all the posters and have heard word-of-mouth buzz about this event, now in its eleventh installment! The plan is simple: we in Capitol Hill are a bunch of house-and-decorating-obsessed loons, and we absolutely love snooping into others’ houses so we can either go back home and sob or return inspired and happy, ready to run up a huge bill at Frager’s. So some enterprising fundraiser had an amazing idea: why not have people pay to be let into some really beautifully decorated Hill homes and give the money so our kids can keep doing amazing things at school, like creating their own costumes for a play or seeing world-class art firsthand? DONE! The Renovator’s House Tour is a tasty smorgasbord of NINE renovated Hill homes, and it benefits the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools, where kids really do create costumes for plays about bears, and proud mothers can’t wait to see the finished product.

5. Learn some TANGO! Seriously. You need to move your tired, sorry, week-weary, saggy butt and light some Latin fire underneath it! Jake and Danarae Stevens will show you how to tap into your inner Argentine and you’ll be milonga-ing your way through life in no time– and this is a FREE event! Just be prompt and ready to dance from 7 to 9 pm on Friday the 14th at CHAW, 545 7th Street SE.

Okay people, I’m spent. A parting thought: you are only as happy as you’ll allow yourself to be. So go have fun!

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