04 Oct 2011

Slow Down, Maryland Drivers: Tomorrow is Walk to School Day

Picture by Maria Helena Carey

Tomorrow is International Walk to School Day, or, as we call it on the Hill, Wednesday. I mean, really, how is this different from any other day for us?

Well, we can have a little party, that’s how. Tomorrow morning, students (and presumably some of their parents) from twelve Hill schools will gather at Lincoln Park at 7:30 (yes, Nichole, that’s am), to “celebrate the simple act of walking and biking to school.”

The event will feature a number of guest speakers, but don’t let that dissuade you. The Maury Elementary Cheerleaders will be performing and yoga and fitness instructor Gabriella Boston will lead the crowds in exercise. While you’re doing that, I’ll be drinking the coffee provided by Pound, or perhaps enjoying the food provided by Chartwells and Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture, Safeway, Whole Foods, and the DC Farm to School Network.

But it’s still a school day, and we’ll have to break sooner or later to get to our respective schools. The Monkey Wagon from Bicycle Space will be escorting kids as they make their way to class.

The event is being organized by the Capitol Hill Public School Parents Organization and supported by the Capitol Hill Community Foundation.

So if you’re a local student or parent, consider coming out tomorrow morning for the festivities and walking with your classmates to school that morning. If not, just come anyway, have some coffee, and see why we take walking to school for granted around here.

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