11 Dec 2012

All I Want for Christmas: Better Intersections (Near My House)

Capitol Hill is a great place for pedestrians. Most of the time. Those of us who are car-less, or in one-car families, and dependent on our feet, our bikes or our weighed-down strollers cross a lot of intersections to make it home safely. And a few of them in my neck of the woods are […]

20 Jan 2012

Things We Take for Granted: The Sidewalks and Streets of Capitol Hill

Let me start by saying that I am not out to prove that any one city can be better than another city. Rather, I came to realize something on a recent trip, and I have a forum — this blog and specifically the “Things We Take for Granted” column — in which I can share […]

04 Oct 2011

Slow Down, Maryland Drivers: Tomorrow is Walk to School Day

Tomorrow is International Walk to School Day, or, as we call it on the Hill, Wednesday. I mean, really, how is this different from any other day for us? Well, we can have a little party, that’s how. Tomorrow morning, students (and presumably some of their parents) from twelve Hill schools will gather at Lincoln […]

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