28 Jul 2011

In the Rearview: July on THIH and Beyond

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Are we in the dog days of summer?  The temperatures would indicate so much, but my dog doesn’t seem to want to be outdoors much when it’s this hot so perhaps it’s not my dog’s days of summer.  He does enjoy the kiddie pool full of water though.

But I digress.  It’s been a hot, sticky, uncomfortable month — and that’s just deficit debates in Congress.  The weather has been rough too.  Fortunately our heat waves have to-date been short-term and followed by brief respites of more hospitable temperatures.  While you anxiously await your last vacations and stay-cations, let’s take a look at what we learned this month on The Hill Is Home.

The month kicked off (as always) with the celebration of our country’s independence.  We reminded ourselves how dangerous and how somewhat legal it is to play with fireworks.  And as always, on the evening of July 4 the neighborhood was a wonderland of pyrotechnic excitement, alternating among similar celebrations of Chinese New Year in New York City, nightly shows at Epcot Center, and a war-torn village under attack.  What fun.

July brought us the worst-publicized family entertainment of the year with the “annual” DC Carnival.  A few small signs pushed into tree wells and an announcement on an ANC website were about as much marketing as the carnival felt it needed.  I can attest to the fun of attending though, and while the crowds were thin on weeknights it made for a unique and somewhat old-fashioned summer evening.

We got some lovely first-hand footage and testimony of just how bad the rat problem is at the corner of Maryland Avenue and 8th Street NE.  Really though, was this news to anyone who lives around that 7-11 store?

We learned of the rumors of a certain men’s clothing store who may be coming to Barracks Row in the near future.  While perhaps not everyone’s first choice for a new tenant in the neighborhood, some retail is better than no retail, right?

Lots of other activity on the Hill this month…the Dalai Lama visited the Yards Park (and reportedly LOVED playing in the fountains); 32 Below and Pitango Gelato opened up, tempting us with yet more sweet treats; and neighbors gathered to support the staff of the Tune Inn at multiple fundraisers.

And I shouldn’t forget we launched our own Summer Photo Contest.  Why not take a moment to enter something now?

Enjoy the rest of your summer break.

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