30 Jun 2011

In the Rearview – June on THIH and Beyond

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We made it! The world didn’t end in May, the school year has ended, and the H Street sidewalks are completed (I hope). June has been a busy month on the Hill.  There have been lots of great events and lots of preparatory work for new buildings and businesses set to open any day now (The Hill Center, 32 Below, Pitango Gelato, and Tru Orleans, to name a few).  The heat and humidity haven’t stopped our bloggers though.  Here’s my look back at what we learned this month on The Hill Is Home.

We learned that a guest author’s plea for normal-sized retail clothing stores elicited comment both supportive and bewildered.  Not everyone saw the humor in this post, but ironic enough just weeks later Senart’s and The Sweet Lobby opened on Barracks Row, adding more calorie-traps to the neighborhood. Not complaining, just sayin’. The Hill Is Home added our own decadent treats at our first (annual?) bake sale at Eastern Market, where we raised (a small amount of) money for the Capitol Hill Community Foundation.

In quite the about-face we found out Hill East will stay in Ward 6 as part of the redistricting process.  Reservation 13 and the DC Jail will be shifted into Ward 7.  We can save “New Anacostia” and “Seven West” for names of TBS drama series instead of neighborhoods.

We learned what the deal is with the psychedelic Volkswagen Bug that parks on 11th Street SE.  The story was interesting, but I was hoping for more acid-induced flashbacks or maybe a dream sequence.

We were all very concerned to hear about the fire at the Tune Inn this month, but we were also relieved to learn that no one was hurt and thanks to the quick actions of the staff the damage was contained.  The Inn-keepers intend to reopen in a matter of weeks.

Enjoy your summer vacations, but don’t forget to take The Hill Is Home with you!  Things may slow down in the summer and you may head out of town, but you can stay up-to-date with neighborhood happenings right here.

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