11 Apr 2011

Monday Morning Circle Time

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So we’re all here at work, which must be a relief to many of our readers; although I’d be willing to bet there were a few looking forward to some time off to enjoy the spring temperatures. This weekend was almost anti-climactic. By Thursday afternoon, businesses all over the city were gearing up to offer the legions of furloughed feds discounts on burgers and drinks and mini-golf.
No. The Speaker and the President were able to reach an agreement that kept the government working and trash off Boehner’s lawn. Of course this was done at the expense of who? Yes, the citizens of the Nation’s capital were told once again they can’t spend their own dollars the way they want.
Tommy Wells was issuing some serious tweets urging DC to fight back so perhaps we will.

Meanwhile….what did you do this weekend?

Jon: We had a fun and yet productive weekend in and around the Hill.  Saturday morning, we took in the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, complete with vehicles catching fire.  After a ride on the Smithsonian Carousel we came home, cleaned the house and got ready for dinner guests.  We had a fun fondue dinner capped off with dark chocolate and sea salt to dip all sorts of fruit and marshmallows.  Sunday morning included our return to Eastern Market for the first time in a couple months.  I put together the composter (finally) and ended the afternoon with a trip to the playground before dinner.

Claudia: My Hill-filled weekend included a run on the mall through the Cherry Blossom parade set up, breakfast from Crepes at the Market, dinner at Belga, drinks at HR-57, and a BBQ where I enjoyed some of the more delicious ribs and steak I’ve had in a long time, courtesy of my friend and birthday boy Sam Huxley, who purchased all of his meat at Union Meats.  Pretty great (and delicious) times all around.

Lauren: Friday night brought an answer to the question my colleagues and I had pondered all week — would the government shutdown? Crisis averted!  Saturday we enjoyed the day with my parents who were in town and Sunday we played tennis and went to brunch with a friend at Belga Cafe (thumbs up, pink grapefruit mimosa!)

Maria: On Friday I kept a nervous eye on the government activities; had strange nightmares about it; and woke up to the mixed-bag of news. Meh.  In the evening, fellow THIHer Liz and I got a tip regarding Michelle Obama at We, The Pizza, and naturally we had to follow through.  Afterward, we traipsed back up 3rd street, SE, to go to the SWS gala (our actual intended destination).  Sunday, fellow THIHer Nichole invited me to oooh and aaaah at the beautiful White House gardens.  Afterward, I rejoined my brood and had burgers and pilsners at the wonderful Argonaut.  (To clarify– no minors consumed alcohol) Later, we watched iCarly and the questions swirled in my brain: has Sam loved Freddie all along?  What will Carly do next?  Will someone think of Spencer?  Why does my toddler love Gibby so much?

Jen: Friday afternoon, I took a kid to a doctor appointment in the ‘burbs and enjoyed some rainy Friday night rush hour traffic. We then went to a friend’s to discuss school because…well doesn’t that sound like a perfect Friday night activity? Shoot me. Saturday I enjoyed a brief visit from a dear old friend and her little girls and we all watched Kid #2 play baseball. Kid # 1 had his turn at bat on Sunday and then I ended the weekend with a sweaty Bikram class and some family time.

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2 responses to “Monday Morning Circle Time”

  1. Mark says:

    RFK stadium was the place to be Saturday night where DC United had a thrilling last minute come-back goal by Charlie Davies to tie David Beckhm’s LA Galaxy 1-1.

    Next home match Thursday, April 21 vs New York.

  2. It definitely was an anti-climactic weekend in respect to the government furlough. It is also time for DC residents and community members to step up and fight back against the lack of autonomy in DC. And as for the spring weather on its way that is very exciting and I can’t wait to spend more time out in the community.

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