09 Jan 2019

Volunteering & Giving:

More Furlough Specials Around the Neighborhood

Yesterday, we told you about Music on the Hill’s gift to those of you who are furloughed: Free music lessons! You can read more about that here– lessons started today! We’ve also shared a citywide link from our friend, Barred in DC, about ongoing furlough specials. A few businesses have sent us special deals they […]

08 Jan 2019

Volunteering & Giving:

Furloughed? Heal With Music Lessons!

The year hasn’t been off to a stellar start for many of us, especially those who are not drawing a salary due to the Federal government’s closure. Earlier in the day, I highlighted posts from Eater and Barred in DC where the writers rounded up special offers for Federal employees during the shutdown. Here is […]

11 Apr 2011

Monday Morning Circle Time

So we’re all here at work, which must be a relief to many of our readers; although I’d be willing to bet there were a few looking forward to some time off to enjoy the spring temperatures. This weekend was almost anti-climactic. By Thursday afternoon, businesses all over the city were gearing up to offer […]

07 Apr 2011

A Government Shutdown & You

If you live on Capitol Hill and don’t work for the federal government –- surprise! You’re not alone. Not following the latest budget negotiations in Congress? No matter, for a furlough impacting federal operations will most certainly get your attention. So, what will (and won’t!) be operational come midnight Friday? Let’s start with some good […]

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