08 Dec 2010

2010 Livable Walkable Awards

Photo Courtesy of Julia Christian

A livable walkable community. For those of us on Capitol Hill, it’s almost a cliche at this point. Councilmember Tommy Wells campaigns on the idea, and on Monday night, honored members of our Ward 6 community who exemplify the principle.

In an open-to-the-public event at the newly re-opened Arena Stage on Monday night, Councilmember Wells hosted his 4th Annual Livable, Walkable Awards, AKA The Brickies.

From Councilmember Wells’s website, the recipients of the 2010 Brickies were: 

4th Annual  Livable, Walkable Neighbor Award — Barbara Ehrlich

A 33 year resident of Southwest DC, Barbara Ehrlich is a community leader and advocate for building and sustaining a great neighborhood. Active with the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, Ms. Ehrlich also serves on the National Cherry Blossom Festival Board of Directors. In addition, Ms. Ehrlich has partnered with many community members to transform nearly a dozen abandoned historic call boxes into a vibrant network of markers for a walking trail that celebrates the culture, history and people of Southwest DC.

4th Annual Livable, Walkable Community Organization Award – Anacostia Community Boathouse Association

Unlike any other, ACBA has helped to restore access to the waterfront for the residents of nearby neighborhoods. From humble beginnings in 1988 by a group of neighbors that wanted to create a rowing program on the Anacostia River for at-risk teenagers, it has grown into the River’s premiere rowing and paddling community. It’s become an asset to rowing clubs from schools around the region, and to Ward 6 residents who want to get on the water near their homes. ACBA is the type of community amenity that is hard to find and in most communities in our country, and it’s a vital part of returning the Anacostia River to once again being a contributing part of our Ward and city.

4th Annual Livable, Walkable Business Award – Argonaut Tavern

A symbol that celebrates the diversity on H Street NE, the Argonaut is a watering hole and restaurant that has become a symbol of the reviving corridor. It’s a neighborhood destination and has made a priority of catering to residents that walk or bike. Whether it’s providing stroller parking, bike parking or even dog walking with special partnerships with other H Street businesses, it all is a part of creating a dining experience you can walk to.

4th Annual Livable, Walkable Public Service Award — Will Hill

Before there was a place called “Hill East”, there was Will Hill. Long serving ANC Commissioner Will Hill is well recognized across his neighborhood as a leader in community policing. Founding and sustaining Orange Hat patrols in the community, he helped bring neighbors out of their homes and walk the sidewalks to help ensure better public safety for the growing neighborhood. The result is a vibrant and diverse community that continues to grow and has a strong commitment in civic action to build a livable and walkable neighborhood.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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