23 Nov 2010

Hill Buzz

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Happy Thanksgiving!  If you’re in the office, you’re probably one of only a few — a time that I love because it’s so quiet and relaxed.  If you’re traveling, good luck and pack your patience pills since traffic and security lines are sure to be trying.  But it will hopefully all be worth it when you sit down to that big meal on Thursday surrounded by family and friends.  I know I’m looking forward to my cousin’s sweet potato souffle and my mom’s pecan pie…mmmm….

Well no matter where you are — airport security lines, I95, on your couch “working” from home — I’m sure you need some reading to get you through the morning.  Pour another cup of coffee and ignore those emails for a little while longer.

  • The hottest news of the week: HR-57 is moving to H Street!  Details from We Love DC, DCist, Urban Turf, and The Washington City Paper.
  • A recent phone survey is creating buzz that Harris Teeter is coming to M and 5th Streets, SE. (JD Land)
  • Ba Bay opened last week – have you tried it out yet? (We Love DC)
  • H Street Great Street noticed that Tom Sietsema indicated that he might have a new favorite spot on H Street.  He’s already a fan of Ethiopic.  Could he be talking about Atlas Room?
  • Housing Complex and JD Land had more details on the plans for Miles Glass and the plans by the National Community Church.  The pastor of the church says that he welcomes feedback from the neighbors.
  • TBD reported that chicken bone saga on H Street will be resolved by D.C.’s Board of Zoning Adjustment since the ANC and the 7-Eleven were unable to reach an agreement.
  • Norm Metzger and JD Land posted details on the latest in the CIMP meetings.
  • Young & Hungry declared the Reuben Sandwich at Tunnicliff’s to be the closest he has come to “Reuben utopia” in DC.
  • H Street Great Street reported that Chuck’s Wagon is closing due to a dispute with the landlord.  The owners hope to find another location on H Street.
  • Capital Spice checked out Zest.
  • Urban Daddy featured an intriguing new drink at Sova…that incorporates Sour Patch Kids liqueur.


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  • While Tunni’s Reuben is indeed tasty, the Reuben at Deli City is still a superior, five-napkin sandwich. Along with the G-Man and Mangialardo’s, the 4-piece fish at Horace & Dickies, the roast pork/broccoli rabe/provo at Taylor, and the Roast Beef at MGM in Brentwood, it’s one of DC’s best sandwiches.

  • I still don’t get the love for H&D’s – it’s fried fish on white bread. The hot sauce makes it tasty, but otherwise it doesn’t stand out as a sandwich in my mind.

    Otherwise I tend to agree with monkey’s lineup and I’d probably add the oyster po’ boy at Johnny’s Half Shell as a seafood substitute.

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