13 Oct 2010

Meet the Candidates: Jon Marker ANC 6B07

We have offered to post brief statements from all of the ANC candidates running for seats on Capitol Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods that we cover here on The Hill is Home.  These statements are not endorsements and have been posted exactly as submitted by the candidates.

Jon Marker ANC 6B07

My name is Jon Marker and I am running for ANC 6B07.  My wife Jessica and I moved from our previous home in DC to ANC 6B two years ago and feel privileged to have settled down in what we feel is a part of the city growing from good to great!

Since moving to Washington D.C., we have both worked in education and public schools throughout the city. I have taught 8th grade US History at a restructured public school and have recently transitioned to working with Teach For America’s District and Partnership team where I both manage bringing 150 highly qualified teachers into our D.C. region public and charter schools each year as well as work with principals and administrators to ensure our schools are meeting the expectations and successes needed by our students, families and community members.

As I look at how our neighborhood has developed in the recent past I am incredibly proud of the hard work done by our neighbors to ensure a broader sense of community, safety and pride. I am eager to lend my own passion, perspective and time to ensure that our community continues to grow and prosper.

I strongly believe that we all have something to add to our communities and have had the opportunity to see how community contributions can bring about the positive changes we know will benefit out neighborhood.  From my time spent working with the County Executive of Howard County, Maryland on education issues, and the Mayor and City Council of Boston to rewrite legislation and keep a variety of late night transportation options available, I have felt that it is an individual’s responsibility to offer their support for their community where they can be useful.

As such, having spent the past two years settling into our community, I am now eager to work as the representative of ANC 6B07 to ensure that:

  • The retail and restaurant growth centered around 7th and 8th streets continues to expand down Pennsylvania Avenue to eliminate vacant buildings and ensure a diverse network of small independent businesses;
  • We work with our City Councilmember and Mayor to ensure that the schools on the Hill and especially throughout ANC 6B become excellent schools where we will all be proud to send our children;
  • Safety in our neighborhood continues to improve so that we can all enjoy the benefits of our community without concern;
  • Public space, and especially green space, is used effectively in order to foster more community use and pride in our neighborhood.
  • Bike lanes are installed to provide safety to accompany the new DC Bike Share program that is located at various sites throughout ANC 6B.
  • The Hill Center development becomes a vibrant community center, meeting place, and home for educational programming for all ages;
  • Communication from the ANC and City Council is transparently and efficiently distributed and posted for all neighbors to see and provide input- because our community is strongest when we are all involved.

We have a lot to be grateful for living in our neighborhood; I look forward to helping our community grow and to be an active liaison between the ANC board and all residents across the Hill as we work together and continue to improve our community.

Feel free to contact me at jamarker@gmail.com,

Yours in Community!


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  • Trulee Pist

    I have never met Mr. Marker, but when he talks about schools, retail mix, developing the right programs for the Hill Center, bikes, and basic transparency in getting ANC information out to everyone, he’s talking about the right issues. These are all serious shortcomings of the current ANC.

    I look forward to talking to Mr. Marker at Eastern Market North Hall, Wednesday, October 20 from 6 to 8 PM at the ANC candidate meet-and-greet. Mark it on your calendar and meet your new candidates for ANC. Time for a new ANC-6B!

  • Mark

    I agree 100%. The issues listed above are exactly the things on my mind.

  • Jon Marker

    Sorry to have missed you on Wednesday, the event was scheduled with the knowledge that I was unable to attend- so I am sorry for that but please feel free to email or call me at 202-558-9251, I am happy to sit down and talk about our neighborhood at your convenience! Have a wonderful weekend!

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