15 Sep 2010

Reader Poll: Best Cup 'O Joe

When I was growing up, my mom flew in her favorite coffee — French Market — from her home town because she discovered that the roast they shipped around the country was a different, weaker blend.  That was my first lesson in how particular people’s coffee preferences can be.  And with the wide range of offerings in the neighborhood — from national chains to corner coffee shops — everyone is sure to have an opinion on the best cup of coffee in the neighborhood.  So who do you think sells the best?

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  • Jay

    As a person who drinks his coffee black, Sidamo (not Sadamo) has by far the best coffee in the city.

  • Kelly

    It’s “Sidamo” not “Sadamo”

  • Kim

    I’m with Jay and Kelly, Sidamo gets my vote, for coffee as well as friendliness and atmosphere.

  • Jay

    Is Ebenezer mounting a ballot-stuffing campaign? No way their coffee is better than Sidamo, Sova, or Peregrine.

    And yes, outside of the coffee itself (which is excellent), Sidamo is the friendliest place too – Kenfe and Mimi are amazing, and they treat me, my wife, and especially our 10-month-old, like family.

  • Matt

    Here’s a site to help you select the best. Just found it the other day: theroastdc.com

  • Jen Halliday

    Ebenezer has the BEST coffee & the friendliest people there!

  • Katherine

    Sidamo’s coffee is perfect. People who voted for anything else can’t possibly have tried it.

  • Rukasu

    You can definitely taste the extra Jesus in Ebeneezers

  • I am surprised Peregrine isn’t taking the lead here. Is this a hipster thing or something? Because their coffee is precious and awesome.

  • Sorry for the misspelling, folks! I’d edit it but I think that re-sets the poll and I don’t want to wipe out the vote tallies!

  • Jay

    I cast my vote for sentimental reasons. I grew up in New England where there are Dunkin Donuts everywhere, kind of like Starbucks here in DC. I have fond memories of sipping hot cocoa at the counter with my Dad. We would dunk our plain cake donuts that had a knob, or handle on them for “dunkin”

  • Jon

    I cast my vote for Dunkin Donuts. I’ve enjoyed coffee from many of the places on the list and I do love my Starbucks, but DD has been consistent and fair-priced for as long as I can remember.

  • Mary

    I’m with Jon. Dunkin coffee is always fresh, hot & cheap. They refill my thermal cup for 99 cents every morning. I’m not a coffee “Snob” so why should I pay more?

  • Ebenezer’s is the best SHOP, but Peregrine is the best cup that I’ve ever had.

  • pete

    no way should ebenezer be that high. i went there and had a very watery americano and another time a weak latte.

    sidamo is the real mccoy.

  • pete

    i’d like to also add that if you go to sidamo on sunday while they’re doing their coffee ritual (2pm, i believe) it’s like stepping into some kind of dream… upon entering the door you step through a veil of roasting coffee smoke mixed with burning incense. and then the person roasting the coffee in a small pot brings that smoking pot around to each person so they can waft the smoke over them. it’s really nice. i imagine there must be scenes like this in ethiopia.

  • K

    EBZ failed to impress me. I don’t get the hype for their coffee– it is horrible to my taste buds.
    I had given them plenty of chances to redeem themselves, but if I had to throw out a half-full vanilla latte, something’s wrong with their coffee/baristas.

    I am tied between Sidamo and Peregrine…!!!!


    Three wonderful coffee shops.

  • Peter

    Ebenezer’s isn’t even really a coffee shop. It’s an evangelical front organization. No Scripture or homophobia in my coffee, thank you very much. See more here: http://www.religioustolerance.org/hom_aog.htm
    Even if it wasn’t a front for persecution of gays, , there is no way in Hell it has better coffee than Sidamo. (Or maybe, only in Hell would it have better coffee than Sidamo…)

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