08 Sep 2010

And Your Ward 6 ANC Candidates Are…

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Nomination petitions were due on Friday, and there were several last-minute additions to the ANC races in Ward 6. We now have 12 three-way races and nine two-way races out of 35 seats!  12 seats remain unchallenged and one seat, 6C03, has no candidate.  (And 6B11, which contains only the DC Jail and Congressional Cemetery, is still said to have no eligible residents and I am still tracking down the mystery of the two write-in votes in ’04, ’06, and ’08).  There is also a two-way race in 7D01, which I am including in our coverage after a reader request — that one SMD is west of the river and we sometimes cover news around Kingman Park and Rosedale.  Read on to find out about your candidates.

In the coming months, we will do our best to bring you information about all of your candidates so you can make an informed decision on November 2nd.  If you are an ANC candidate and would like for us to include your website or Twitter handle on our Election 2010 Page, please send me an email at ClaudiaTheHillisHome at gmail dot com.

If you live within the boundaries of 6C03, which has no candidate, it’s not too late to throw your hat into the race as a write-in candidate.  According to the DC Board of Elections and Ethics: Write-in candidates for the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner must meet the same qualifications as candidates whose names appear on the ballot. Individuals who wish to become write-in candidates must certify their candidacy by filing a notarized Affirmation of Write-In Candidacy with the Board by no later than 4:45 p.m. on the seventh day following the general election (Tuesday, November 9). The Board encourages write-in candidates to file prior to Election Day.  An Affirmation of Write-In Candidacy may be obtained from the Voter Services Office or downloaded from the Board’s web site.

If you are not sure what ANC or SMD you are in, use the DC Citizen’s Atlas to find out.  Learn more about what the ANCs do here.
Astrix (*) indicates incumbent

– Adam C. Healy
– Angelia Rice
– Lawrence Russell
– Drew Ronneberg*
– David Holmes*
– Nick Alberti*
– Sharee Lawler
– William R. Mohring
–Andrew J. Hysell
– Necothia “Nikki” Bowens
– Gladys Ann Mack*
– Erica Anderson
– Lia Veenendaal-Selck

– Dave Garrison*
– Vernon Mallu
– Mary Wright*
– Ivan Frishberg
– Norman Metzger*
– Jason E. Townsend
– Tim Casey
– Larry Janezich
– Kirsten Oldenburg*
– Kenan Jarboe*
– Brian Pate
– Jared Critchfield
– Carol J Green*
– Deanna R. Laufer
– Jon Marker
– Neil Glick*
– Michael McCamman
– Laura McSorley
– Brian Flahaven
– Ian Stumpf
– Michael O. Patterson*
– Francis M. Campbell*
– Richard Counts
– Larry Frankel
there are no eligible candidates for this seat since the SMD only contains the DC Jail and Congressional Cemetery.)

– Marge Maceda
– Keith Silver*
– Joshua Kumpf
– Mark A. Dixon*
– Rob Amos

– Anne M. Phelps*
– Brian Cox
– Tony Richardson*
– Jennifer Zatkowski
– Tom Hamilton*
– Bill Crews
– Karen Wirt*
– Leroy-Jacob Smith
– Kevin Wilsey

– Bob Craycraft
– Kathleen Hoppe
– Cara Lea Shockley
– Sheila A. Smith
– Ron McBee*
– Mary C. Williams
– Andy Litsky*
– Carl I Barnes Sr.
– Grace E. Daughtridge
– Roger Moffatt*
– Mark Driscoll
– Rhonda Hamilton*
– Bruce M. Darconte
– David Garber
– Robert “BoB” Siegel*

ANC 7D (since one SMD in this Ward lies west of the river, we’re including it as well)
– Veronica E. Raglin*
– Lisa White

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  • SarahDC

    Thank you for all this information, Claudia! I’ve lived in ANC6B since 2002, and admit to not knowing much about how it works. I just read up about it on their website, but I’m curious about two things: 1. Are residents able/encouraged to attend the monthly meetings? 2. Where can we find bios of the current commissioners?

  • @SarahDC – I knew very little about the ANCs until a special election in my SMD last year when my commissioner moved. I’m glad I can help increase awareness about them!
    To answer your questions:
    1) residents are strongly encouraged to attend the monthly meetings. You can find the meeting schedule on the ANC websites (links to each ANC’s site is on the left sidebar), and I have them listed in our community calendar: http://www.thehillishome.com/calendar/. I also post a monthly reminder about the meetings with link to the agendas the first week of every month.
    2) I do not think bios for the current commissioners are posted anywhere online but you can find the list of who they are on each ANC’s website. In the coming weeks I will reach out to everyone running and will post information on THIH. Adding bios to the ANC websites is a great idea – I’ll be sure to recommend it when I speak with the commissioners.

  • RD

    The folks listed in this blog are “Potentional Candidates.” They did pick up an Nomination Petitions to gather dully registered voter signatures within their District. A Completed Nomination Petition must be turned in to DC BOEE by 09/03 to be considered a Real Candidate on the Ballot. BOEE, on their ANC List, does not show return dates for some of listed candidates in this blog.

  • @RD, this is actually compiled from a list from DC BOEE that lists all filed petitions as of the 9/3 deadline. I did just take a second look though and see that not all names have “filed” dates next to them (very small number for Ward 6). I’ll check with DC BOEE and update the list when I hear back.

    For anyone who wants to see the full list, it can be found here: http://www.dcboee.org/newsroom/

  • Carl

    Thanks again, Claudia, for looking into the 6B11 write-in votes from the previous elections. My understanding is that write-in votes are neglected if no affirmation form is submitted. For example, it is thought that Adrian Fenty may have received the most GOP write-ins yesterday – but if he does not switch parties and file the form, then he is not the Republican candidate. Those votes just sit in the overall tally as “write-in.”

  • Bo

    ANC Candidate Lisa White drives a car with Maryland State License Tags. She parks the vehicle in her backyard at 554 – 25th Place, N.E. She needs to get D.C. tags. I will not vote for her and I will inform our Rosedale Alliance members.

  • Lisa White

    I am Lisa White, ANC 7D01 candidate! If I am elected , I will do all I can for the betterment of Kingman Park neighborhood!

    Please get all of your facts straight before posting negative information!
    I do not live in Maryland and by the way all of my cars are registered in Washington, DC.

    If anyone have any questions about my agenda, please feel free to email me at dc500blkof25th@yahoo.com
    Lisa White

  • Karl Solo

    Bo does not know. Please check your info before posting untrue items. Are you trying to intentionally wreck a challenger chance in the upcoming ANC race?

  • Kingman Park Resident

    “Some people have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are by blocking new ideas and concepts.”

    This statement rings true when it comes down to some of the ANC candidates ie; Veronica Raglin

  • Oklahoma Ave. NE Resident

    The bible say when you go to do good evil is always present. I have lived in DC all my life. Lisa White is the first ANC that knocked on my door to talk to me and care about the elderly residents of Kingman Park. She is a great young lady with bright fresh ideas that can move our community in a upward motion. Reaching back to the elderly for wisdom and grasping forward with the young grass roots approach, is what I like about her. Sometimes negitive comments are great feed back, it lets you know you are doing good because evil is around you!

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