28 Aug 2010

Remembering the King of Pop, Capitol Hill Style

Photo by María Helena Carey

Love him or hate him, no one can argue that Michael Jackson was the defining sound of more than one generation; that at the height of his fame, you could not go anywhere without hearing one of his songs or seeing someone attempting (and most likely, failing) to do the Moondance Moonwalk; or that, once you’ve read this post, you will probably walk away from your Produce-brand computer saying “WOO!” or “Mamasay-Mamasa-Mamakusa!” or just humming one of his songs.

I am betting on “Thriller” or “Bad” but you can go ahead and surprise yourself with a less-traditional choice, such as “Dirty Diana” or “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

If you still actively mourn Michael and would like a little company in remembering him on his birthday, August 29th, why not swing by our neighborhood’s very own Michael Jackson house?  The house would be just like any other postage-stamp-front yard, beporched Capitol Hill house, except for the fact that you can no longer see the porch under all the tokens of love and appreciation that its owner, Jewell Hall, has collected ever since the King of Pop passed away in June of 2009.  Her yard is a sweet and busy tribute to a childhood idol, and Jewel loves to take care of all the mementos, some of which have been sent to her from places far away, and some of which she and her family have put together themselves.

Photo by María Helena Carey

Jewel and her family will be hosting a party this Saturday and Sunday, August 28th and 29th, starting at 12 noon on Saturday, to celebrate what would have been Michael Jackson’s 52nd birthday, and they encourage people to come down and remember the idol and enjoy food, company, and the King of Pop’s music, of course!

The Michael Jackson house is at 922 8th Street, NE, one block up from H Street.

(Please don’t send me hate mail for giving you earworm.)

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2 responses to “Remembering the King of Pop, Capitol Hill Style”

  1. Buzz Aldrin says:

    While I have been known to Moondance, I think Mr. Jackson engaged in the Moonwalk.

  2. Maria Helena Carey Maria Carey says:

    Copy that, Buzz. Thank you!

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