10 Aug 2010

Hill Buzz

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Welcome to another lovely scorching hot summer day in DC!  I feel like August started two months early this year and is showing no signs of ending.  If we get cheated out of beautiful fall weather, Mother Nature and I are going to have to have a little talk.  We had too short of a spring, and we deserve a reward for suffering through so many 90-degree days, damn it!  I hope you’re keeping cool somewhere with a strong air conditioner, unless you’re in a pool…in which case I don’t want to know because then I’ll just be jealous and cranky.  And trust me, you don’t want that!

I realize this week’s links are very H Street-heavy but it seems as  though that’s where all the action is right now.  Sip your coffee because there have been a lot of great items of interest in the last week.

  • After a the death of a DDOT US Department of Transportation employee who was struck by a dump truck on M Street, SE — only months after another employee was involved killed in a similar accident — US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood expressed his concerns and commitment to improving pedestrian safety on the busy street. (h/t JDLand)
  • Urban Turf ran a long feature on Hill East.
  • ANC 6B Commissioner Norm Metzger took a look at various paving options for F Street Terrace.
  • On Tap ran a delicious piece on Dangerously Delicious Pies.
  • NBC4 Checked out Temporium on H Street.
  • The Washington Post featured Cornercopia, one of my favorite corner stores in the neighborhood.
  • Prince of Petworth‘s readers weighed in on Ethiopic, with a mix of reviews.  For the record, I’m a fan!
  • Ted Xenohristos from Cava took on last week’s 5 Bites on Metrocurean.
  • Capital Cooking shared some information on Smith Commons, which will open on H Street this fall.
  • The Arugula Files found five great reasons to shop at the H Street Farmers Market.
  • Urban Daddy got a peak at The Fruit Bat, another new establishment about to open on H Street.
  • Thrillist headed out in search of hot dogs and found some great options on H Street.


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  • Erik W

    The woman hit by the dump truck last week is a USDOT employee, not a DDOT employee, and, as far as I can tell from every article I’ve seen, she is still recovering.

  • You’re right, I meant to type USDOT and I had the incidents switched. My apologies – both have been corrected.

  • Mark

    Nice summary above. This blog continues to grow and improve.

  • Kyra

    Is it wrong that I would love it restaurants on H started to inch down the street a bit? It’s one after another on the 1300 block. As much as I’d love to stay through the arrival of the streetcar, the lack of available parking and sudden feel of overcrowding may force me south a few blocks.

  • Kyra

    Okay… that comment makes me seem old and uncool. I wish to be neither.

  • kyra: it’s economics. the restaurants are bunched because it’s touch to run a restaurant without a steady stream of customers. a restaurant district runs a better chance of surviving that one standing out in the (lack of a) crowd.

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