25 Aug 2010

Crepe Update

Courtesy of Marc & Vincent, Crepes on the Corner

A few months ago THIH was excited to announce the pending arrival of Crepes on the Corner, a new eatery located at the corner of C and 15th Streets SE.  Well, the early fall opening is looking like it will be pushed back, thanks to our friends at the DC Regulatory Authority.  It seems a mix-up between classifying the restaurant as a “fast food establishment” versus a “prepared food establishment” is slowing down the permit process (for the record, the owners are seeking classification as a prepared food joint).  Red tape.  Yee-ha.

Co-owners Marc and Vincent did share with me a few details about the café, which I was told I could pass on to our loyal readers…

The interior finishes and built-in furniture are being locally-sourced as much as possible.  That includes reused wood slabs from Community Forklift in Maryland which will be turned into custom countertops and tables.  Many of the ingredients for the menu items will also be locally-sourced, which means plenty of rotating specials depending on what is in season.  Herbs will be supplied by the on-site herb garden.

What’s planned for the menu?  Think hardy salads, small plates, sandwiches, and of course crepes.   Both sweet and savory crepes will be available.  I’m hoping a few from the draft menu make the cut, including the Trio of Deviled Eggs small plate; the turkey, brie, and fig jam sandwich; the Campfire (chocolate, marshmallow Fluff, graham crackers and whipped cream); and the Presley (peanut butter, chocolate-dipped bananas, crushed peanuts and whipped cream).  It appears vegetarian and vegan options will also be present.

Hungry yet?

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11 responses to “Crepe Update”

  1. IMGoph says:

    “hardy” salads?

    hearty salads, maybe.

    • Sharee Lawler Sharee Lawler says:

      As editor this week, this one would be bad on me. Here’s what I found on dictionary.com:
      Hardy: sturdy; bold or daring
      Hearty: substantial; abundant; nourishing
      So you might be right, but who is to say those salads won’t be bold?? Or the lettuce especially sturdy?? Only time will tell, and I intend to offer them plenty of my time once they’re open.

  2. A.T. says:

    Vegan options too? Awesome, yes please!!! Any new veg*n friendly options on the Hill are greatly appreciated.

  3. gina a says:

    The crepe place on Penn near Fragers was good, but couldn’t make it work. Hope this place will have better luck.

  4. Jon says:

    Some of the salads sounded quite robust in their flavor combinations, but I cannot comment on the portion sizes or nutritional value just yet.

    Yes, there was at least one vegan crepe option on the menu, and I believe some of the snacks may also be.

  5. Sharee Lawler Sharee Lawler says:

    Dolce, formerly on Penn, suffered more from neighborhood opposition (not really to them, per se, but to the place there before them which Dolce ended up paying the price for) and a poor relationship with the building owner. The food was great, though. Hopefully Crepes on the Corner’s menu and owners get to stand on their own because, from what we’ve seen so far, they have a lot to offer.

  6. There was actually a different crepe place in that spot – or next to it – before Dolce, but I can’t remember the name.

    I hope DCRA can help them speed things along. I love crepes and am very excited for a creperie in the neighborhood!

  7. Rstouhey says:

    Yay for vegan options! Might I recommend chocolate soy nut butter in lieu of nutella if that’s an option on the menu? Also, soy or almond milk please!!!! I will be a daily customer if the salads are hardy or hearty and the coffee good and iced!

  8. JPS17 says:

    DCRA is a joke. I think they intentionally slow things down so it appears as if they are always busy and can keep their jobs. All across the board they take unreasonable amounts of time to do anything. They hurt commerce and development. Please, someone who can, do something.

  9. Kathleen Donahue says:

    I’m also excited about vegan options.

    Also, as a neighbor of Dulce, I just wanted to mention that from what I know, there was no neighborhood opposition to a nice restaurant, cafe, crepe place. There was opposition to the nightclub they had planned with loud music until very late at night. The sound reverberates in back with the Frager’s yard and no one can sleep at all. I would love it if a great place went in to that spot, and I know the other neighbors would too – just no loud music at night.

    Everytime I would try to go to Dulce or the place that was there before, they weren’t open.

  10. I keep driving by waiting for you to open. I grew up in DC going to Maison De Crepes on Wisconsin Avenue its no longer there, but it was one of my favorite places. I’ve been looking for years for a place to replace it I haven’t found one, hopefully Crepes on the Corner will be it. I can’t wait for you to open.

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